3 Most Common Furnace Relay Switch Problems (Troubleshooting)

furnace relay switch problem
furnace relay switch problem

Most people have furnaces in their homes that they use in cold weather. These devices are used to keep the temperature of your room as warm as you like. Additionally, you can even heat up water from these. This allows users to stay comfortable and relaxed even when it is extremely cold outside. The temperature on these furnaces is set through a thermostat installed on them.

This can be either an analog or digital thermostat. While these are amazing devices that will help you throughout winter, there are still a number of problems that you might run into while using them. One of these is the furnace relay switch problem. We will be using this article to talk about this and provide you with some methods to fix it.

Furnace Relay Switch Problem

  1. Check Electric Current

One of the reasons why you are getting problems with the relay switch can be that there is not enough electric current flowing into your device. You should keep in mind that trying to check or fix a problem with your furnace can be extremely dangerous. This is because these devices contain a lot of gases and can easily explode.

Alternatively, the gases coming from them can be dangerous for you. This is why we recommend that you contact a technician to check and fix the furnace for you. However, if you already have knowledge about similar stuff then you can start to check your device. Change the socket that you are using for your furnace and this should help you in finding out if the problem is related to power.

Another test can be that you use a voltmeter to take a reading of the current flowing into the thermostat. This should also help you in identifying the issue. If this is in fact the problem then get your socket replaced.

  1. Check Room Temperature

Sometimes the user might have set the temperature to lower than what the room temperature already is. While this is quite unlikely to happen. Many users have reported that this has happened to them.

Your furnace will only work if the temperature of the room is lower than the temperature on the furnace. Because the furnace is not working, you might have thought that the relay switch has been broken. However, you can easily fix this by changing the temperature on your furnace,

  1. Faulty Relay Switch

The job of a relay switch is to heat up the room to the desired temperature and then close down the valve once the room is warm enough. Sometimes the relay switch won’t close the heat valve even when the temperature has exceeded the room temperature. This is a really rare problem but this ensures that your relay switch has become damaged or faulty.

You will need to replace your old switch with a new one. Make sure that you purchase a model that is supported by your furnace. Before working on your device, remember to close the gas valves as a sign of precaution.

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