4 Common Keystone RV Furnace Problems (Troubleshooting)

keystone rv furnace problems
keystone rv furnace problems

So many of us love going on a camping trip with friends, family or both. Over time however, unless you are a hardened camper, the novelty can wear off. The lack of facilities or the inability to take much luggage with you can prevent you from enjoying the experience to the fullest.

It’s for exactly these reason that many people who have a genuine love of being out in nature decide to opt to purchase a motor home or recreational vehicle. They not only have plenty of storage but also provide a proper bedroom, kitchen and bathroom and just guarantee a much higher level of comfort all round.

A larger vehicle like this provides many home comforts and can truly feel like a home away from home, opening a whole heap of travel opportunities. Of course, it’s only natural that you would want to make your travelling home as comfortable and cosy as possible. For this reason, a lot of users choose to install a furnace to give them more freedom to explore further off-grid regardless of the less than favourable temperatures.

That being said, some users have reported some minor problems using their furnace. Within this article we will examine some of the most common problems and simple steps you can take to try and troubleshoot and hopefully resolve your problem .

Keystone RV furnaces are a very popular brand and the most widely installed. For this reason, this is the model we will focus on in this article.

First things first, if you are having difficulties the obvious solutions sometimes pass us by, be sure that you do have fuel for your device. If you do, then take a look at some of the possible issues, and their respective solutions below.

Keystone RV Furnace Problems

1. Fuse keeps popping out of the plug

Fuse keeps popping out of the plug

A number of users have reported that the fuse has come out of their plug; this is a really easy fix either you can replace the plug itself, or you can try to gently squeeze the connections together slightly so that the fuse is held in position more firmly.  Hopefully, this will eradicate your problem.

2. Furnace Not Starting

One of the most common issues is simply that the furnace suddenly stops working altogether, either by cutting out, or simply that it won’t light, which is far from ideal. Both of these issues can be caused by the same issue which is a faulty connection within the furnace. 

If you feel qualified to do so, then you can start by checking over each individual connection. See if any have become disconnected or are clearly loose. If this is the case, simply put the connection back in its original location and ensure it is firmly connected once more and hopefully this will resolve your issue.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, or indeed you notice that any of the wires or connections are actually damaged, then it would be prudent to contact a specialist who can remedy this problem for you.

If you are choosing the route of self-remedy then the other option open to you is to use a multi-meter to take readings on all of your wires. You are essentially checking for a stable current that always registers at 12 volts of power. Any fluctuations in the voltage or indeed a reading below 12 volts and your issue may be from the back end.

If a back-end issue is indicated, then you would need to next check that your batteries and/or generator is working properly . If not, then you will need to find a suitable troubleshooting guide to help you resolve this. Alternatively, you can take your vehicle directly to a workshop to get a professional to look at it for you.

3. Furnace lit but no heat coming out

Sometimes you may find your furnace is working but doesn’t seem to be radiating heat as you would expect. It may be a simple as the thermostat not being set to the right temperature.

It may be set to a lower temperature than the vehicle interior is currently registering. If this is the case, simply adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature and your furnace should start to produce heat.

If this still doesn’t work, then it’s quite possible there is an issue with the sensor within your furnace. Your device has a built-in sensor which will cut out the fuel supply and kill the flame if it detects there may be some issue. This is an important safety feature but if you have checked that there isn’t any actual fault, such as a flame that is too large or too small, then you will need to try cleaning the sensor.

Rub off any excess carbon build up on the sensor with a little sandpaper, and then try again. Once you have rectified this issue you need to ensure that the flame covers at least half of the sensor.

Otherwise, it may still not detect the flame. Correctly set, it should remain lit without any further assistance. If this doesn’t work, it may be that you need to have the sensor replaced.

4. Not heating properly

Not heating properly

Another thing to check is the fan settings. If they are too low, then the heat being generated will not be circulating sufficiently. Try turning the fan up a little and see if this makes a difference.

If none of these options cures your problems, then it’s worth checking for carbon build up on any of the working components and then cleaning this off. The most common causes of trouble are the pilot light tube, the sensors, thermocouple and the gas flow restrictor valve. This should be done regularly anyway, as part of your preventative maintenance schedule. If you still cannot get your furnace to function, then your problem is a little more complicated and we would strongly advise you to seek professional guidance.

11 thoughts on “4 Common Keystone RV Furnace Problems (Troubleshooting)”

  1. I had a problem with the furnace fuse kept kicking out. I checked all the connections I could get at and all were good. I was going to change the fuse and when I pulled it out I noticed marks on it. I was so loose I think it was arcing and kicking out. I pinched the connections a little tighter and no problem since.

  2. My thermostat will read 60 degrees, so the furnace will continue to run and not stop and the trailer will reach 90* . or the thermostat will will read 80* and the furnace will not kick on, somedays the heater will work fine but then starts acting up again. Sofar nobody seems to be able to fix this problem, extremely frustrating.
    2021 37fls keystone sprinter.

    • Same type of situation here, a couple times it would take it upon itself to get to 90
      Now I have to turn into amd on 3-5 times for it to ignite, I have been told it is a sail switch but unlike most rvs that have an access from the exterior not this one, it’s under the closet in the bedroom

  3. When I turn on my heat I get heat in the living room and kitchen,, but the AC unit comes in in the rear bedroom…
    Anyone have any ideas on this

  4. I need help with my Rv furnace. I have a 2018 keystone carbon toy hauler 337 my furnace will not work but the ac units will turn on the thermostat has two zones. When I go to heat the blower won’t start so the furnace won’t run. Need some kind of help. Thanks.

  5. Anyone know how to access the sail switch without an exterior access panel? I found the reset switch behind a drawer in the kitchen but the sail switch faces exterior wall and there is no space to access.


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