How to Adjust the Temperature on a Dometic RV Refrigerator

How to Adjust the Temperature on a Dometic RV Refrigerator
How to Adjust the Temperature on a Dometic RV Refrigerator

Keeping a Dometic RV refrigerator is a great way to keep your food cool on the go. However, your food may require a different temperature setting than the preset number on the refrigerator.

Fortunately, you can adjust the temperature on your RV refrigerator to accommodate any food you have. Adjusting your refrigerator temperature is easy and will take only a few seconds.

Please continue reading to learn everything you need about adjusting the temperature on a Dometic RV refrigerator.

Difference Between Dometic RV Refrigerator and Household Refrigerator

Your household refrigerator will have more temperature options than your Dometic RV refrigerator. The options on your Dometic RV refrigerator range from one to five.

Meanwhile, your household refrigerator may have more specific temperature options that tell you the exact temperature.

The good news is that your RV refrigerator will cool quicker than your household refrigerator because it’s smaller. So, if you need to cool food down quickly, you can use your Dometic RV refrigerator within an hour.

How to Adjust the Temperature on a Dometic RV Refrigerator

When you adjust the temperature on your RV refrigerator, you will use a lever to find the perfect temperature for your food. This lever will have a range of numbers from one to four. You will adjust your temperature by moving this lever up or down.

Find The Temperature Dial

You can find the temperature adjustment by looking at your refrigerator fins. This will be located at the back of your Dometic refrigerator. You may need to move food out of your way to adjust your temperature by reaching the lever.

Dometic Fridge Temperature Level

Understand The Numbers

Before you adjust your temperature, you need to understand the numbers on the lever and what they mean.

Unfortunately, these numbers won’t tell you the exact temperature to expect from your refrigerator. You may be used to exact temperatures at your home, but it’s hard to find an exact amount in your RV.

  • The number 1 is the warmest setting
  • The number 2 is the second warmest setting
  • The number 3 is the middle temperature
  • The number 4 is the second coldest setting
  • The number 5 is the coldest setting

So, if you want to put something in your fridge that stays extra cold, you should set the temperature to five. However, most people use refrigerators and keep their temperature set to four for most of their food.

Reasons Your RV Refrigerator Temperature Won’t Change

Something could be wrong if you set your RV refrigerator temperature but don’t notice a change. The following are the most common reasons your RV temperature won’t change after you set it.

  • You don’t have enough power supply to accommodate your desired temperature
  • Your RV refrigerator could leak cold air
  • There could be a manufacturing problem with your RV refrigerator
  • Your RV refrigerator might be too crowded

Fridge Overload

These are the most common problems when using an RV refrigerator. You’ll need to follow some troubleshooting steps to resolve these issues. However, if there’s something wrong with your RV refrigerators manufacturing, you’ll need to contact Dometic customer support.

How To Select Dometic RV Refrigerator Temperature Setting

You must consider the food you want to keep cool in your Dometic refrigerator. For example, if you use your refrigerator for wine, you don’t want the coldest setting.

Alternatively, if you’re putting something in your refrigerator that needs to stay extra cold, you should put it on level 5. You may want to keep dairy products extra cold to preserve their lifespan.

Final Thoughts

Changing the temperature on your Dometic RV refrigerator, it’s easy and only takes a few seconds. First, you need to locate the temperature lever, then pick the setting you prefer, and finally, you can wait an hour until your Dometic refrigerator cools.

If you’ve waited a few hours and don’t notice a temperature difference, there could be something wrong with your refrigerator.

You can call Dometic customer support for assistance with your refrigerator if the temperature lever doesn’t work. They will guide you through the troubleshooting process and assist you if you need a replacement or refund for your RV refrigerator.

Changing the temperature on your RV refrigerator is different from changing your refrigerator at home because you can’t pick the exact temperature you want.

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