RV AC: Not Working or Not Blowing Cold Air

Troubleshooting RV AC: Not Working or Not Blowing Cold Air
Troubleshooting RV AC: Not Working or Not Blowing Cold Air

Troubleshooting RV AC That’s Not Working or Not Blowing Cold Air

Traveling inside an RV can be very exhausting for everyone, after a hot long day of being on the road for many hours the heat can start accumulating inside the RV especially if the area is really hot. Opening the windows is not always ideal, no one wants the wild wind blowing on their face and their hair, or insects getting inside the RV. So, RV ACs are the way to go to control the exact temperature you want inside. There is nothing more refreshing than a working air conditioner in your motor home that makes the temperature more tolerable for everyone inside.

RV air conditioners can be mounted on the roof or in the bottom and they can also have ducts. Regardless of where they are located, air conditioners can cool the interior from 20 to 30 degrees and reduce the humidity in the RV. When the air conditioner stops working and is not blowing cold air there are a number of ways you can try to fix the problem on your own. By doing some basic troubleshooting without the need of an expert.

  • The most recommended suggestion is to first check to see if the fan and compressor are running correctly at all. If not, you might want to obtain a voltmeter and get access to a power outlet to connect it. Once you are inside your RV turn on the air conditioner and wait a couple of minutes to see if captures any electrical signals from the compressor. Voltage should be in the hundreds at least. After you’ve checked if it reacts to it, now you will proceed to check if the thermostat light turns on or not and see if there is any direct current power. You can also double-check the fuses or circuit breakers, and if you visually spot this as the main problem, you can just simply replace them buying new ones.
  • Another common problem that can occur is that the fan may work and move, but the compressor is not working. Your first thing to check is if low voltage is the cause. Another reason that is caused just by poor air circulation is if the compressor is turned on and then stopped almost immediately, all this while the RV is not cooled enough. This problem could be the direct result of filters or condensers that are poorly cleaned or a leak in the main ducts. If you think this is the problem you need to clean or change the filter or fix the ducts from potential leaks.

If nothing we previously mentioned works and your AC is still not working properly check the filters thoroughly. And at this point, it may be is the best option to be assisted by someone with more experience or a qualified professional. Because you may have to test the condenser to see if that is the actual problem and doing that requires special tools that you probably don’t have. You may need to fix the pipe or tighten the gaskets. Try to get familiar with all the pieces and components and learn what they all do so you can rule out some of the most common problems with RV AC.


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