3 Ways To Fix Dometic DM2652 Not Cooling

dometic dm2652 not cooling
dometic dm2652 not cooling

Dometic is a famous Swedish company that is known for manufacturing a variety of products. These are mostly made to be used in recreational vehicles or for portability.

One of the most popular devices that the brand has come up with is its refrigerators. There is a huge lineup of these devices that you can choose from. These should have different features and even their shapes and sizes are not the same.

Considering this, you can go through their lineups to find a device that you are comfortable with using in your RV. Talking about this, one of their most popular devices is the Dometic DM2652 fridge.

While this is amazing to use, there are still some issues that you can run into when using it. One common problem that was reported by users is that the Dometic DM2652 is not cooling. If you are also getting the same issue then here are some troubleshooting steps that can be followed.

How to Fix Dometic DM2652 Not Cooling?

  1. Check Thermostat

Refrigerators are one of the most important pieces of equipment that people have in their motorhomes and RVs. This is because them keeping their edibles fresh and water cold. Without the device keeping your stuff cooled down, these items will most likely rot. Considering this, if you notice that your fridge is not cooling then this can be quite worrisome.

The first thing that you should be checking is the thermostat on your fridge. This is used to control the temperature levels within the device and even the fan speeds. You can find this in the control panel of your fridge which is inside it. Sometimes when trying to put something inside the device, people can accidentally touch their thermostat changing its temperature.

Considering this, the inputs might be set to a low speed causing the fridge to remain at a constant temperature. Simply changing the speeds should allow the device to start cooling again.

Considering this, try changing the levels on your thermostat to fix your problem. Additionally, make sure that you do not place anything near the thermostat to avoid the temperatures changing accidentally.

  1. Check Coolant Levels

The second thing that you can do is to check the coolant levels in your refrigerator. This is placed in the device to maintain its temperature even while the device is under load.

Considering this, if the coolant levels have started to drop then your fridge will have a hard time trying to cool its insides. You can check this by accessing the coolant panel on your device. If you are unfamiliar with how to access this then you can even consult the manual.

Alternatively, contacting a specialist will also help you in getting rid of these issues. Make sure that the coolant you are putting in your fridge is not getting leaked. In some cases, the problem can be that the coolant tank gets damaged and starts to leak.

Although, if there is any leakage then your device should be giving off a weird ammonia smell. You can even place an ammonia detector near the fridge. This will start to give off an alarm if it notices any leakage.

  1. Device Overheating

Finally, another common reason for the Dometic DM2652 to not cool can be that the device is overheating. If you have already checked the coolant levels and they are fine then the issue might simply be with the airflow. RVs and motorhomes have a lot of storage but it is still not the same as placing your refrigerator in your home.

Considering this, your device can start to overheat if there is no airflow around it. You can easily check this by observing the place you had installed your refrigerator in. Make sure that it gets in contact with enough air to get it cooled down. You can even change its location to a better one or try installing a fan near it.

You can then run your fan whenever the temperature within your vehicle is warm. Aside from this, the issue can also be due to a part being faulty. If that is the case then you will have to contact Dometic to help you out. They have a support team that can be contacted. Just make sure that you provide them with a detailed list of information about your issue to get a solution.

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