Norcold vs Dometic: What’s The Difference?

norcold vs dometic
norcold vs dometic

If you enjoy going out on trips then you should know that having the right equipment with yourself is essential. This will help you in having a fun time as well as help you in staying comfortable.

While having chairs and stoves will help you feel relaxed. You should also think about getting a portable refrigerator for your vehicle. This is in case you want to go out for really long trips.

These devices will then keep your edibles cold and prevent them from rotting. Many companies manufacture these for their users. But two of the best ones around are Norcold and Dometic.

Many RV companies already use products by them in their motorhomes which shows how good they are. If you are confused about selecting one of these brands, then this article will help you out. We will be providing you with all the information you need about both of these companies.

Norcold vs Dometic


Norcold is a famous brand that is known for manufacturing refrigerators for quite some years now. While they manufacture fridge’s that you can equip both at your home or for office work.

Some models focus on being portable. These include small refrigerators that require less voltage than standard models. As well as some small containers that can keep your fold cold even if they are not plugged into an outlet.

There are many models that you can go for and the size of your fridge will depend on it. If you are interested then it is recommended that you give their website a check. They have listed all of their products along with their specifications.

You can give the details a look by opening up a specific product. Make sure that you through all this information so that you get the best possible refrigerator for your use.  Aside from this, the company also provides its users with the choice for conversion kits.

These allow you to connect your device to batteries and generators. Which makes them the best possible solution if you want to install these devices in your motorhome or recreational vehicle.

Another great thing about purchasing the complete kit is that you will be given all the adapters required. This takes out the worry of having to manually check for compatibility and then selecting certain products.


Dometic is another similar company which manufactures refrigerators for their users. However, the major difference between Norcold and Dometic is that Dometic focuses only on portable devices.

This means that all of the lineups that they have are for people who enjoy going out on trips. This gives their products better features that are designed towards keeping a traveler stay at comfort. There are three major cooler units that you can choose between.

The prices for them depend on the size that you want as well the total battery life provided by them. You can easily select one depending on how long you are going to stay and how many people are coming with you.

Aside from this, going over the battery life beforehand should also help you out. The company gives detailed information about how long their refrigerators will last. They also provide a warranty service with their devices.

You can go through this and can even claim it if there are any issues with your cooler after the purchase. Dometic will either get it fixed for you on their own or they might even provide you with a free replacement.

Both the companies are great choices if you want a refrigerator. If you are someone who just wants a unit for their home then you can go for Norcold. However, if you are a camping enthusiast then it is better that you check the lineups from Dometic instead.

Norcold and Dometic also have their helplines which you can contact if you have any queries. They should be able to help you with getting your issues resolved as well as help you with the installation process.

Lastly, you are given the option to either directly buy products from these companies from their store. Alternatively, you can search for dealers nearby you that have these refrigerators in their stock. This way you can check the product beforehand and see if it fits your taste.

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