3 Ways To Fix Dodge Ram USB Port Not Working

dodge ram usb port not working
dodge ram usb port not working

Going out on camping and hiking trips can be quite fun. Though, when you decide to take your family or friends with you. People have to carry tons more storage with them.

This is why they purchase large vehicles like RVs or trucks instead. These provide users with a lot of space to store their luggage. Additionally, you can still sit comfortably within the vehicle.

Dodge Ram is one of the most popular vehicles when it comes to this category. There are tons of features that you can find on the vehicle which is why people love it. Although, some issues can be found with it as well.

One of these is that the USB port on Dodge Ram is not working. If you are facing the same problem then going through this article should help you in fixing it.

How to Fix Dodge Ram USB Port Not Working?

  1. Try Plugging Cable Again

The USB port on your Dodge Ram not working can be quite annoying. This is because you have to use this to charge your mobile or similar devices. Though, one thing that many users have reported is that the problem was fixed by a simple trick.

The only thing that they tried was to unplug the cable and then plug it back in. You can try doing this on your vehicle as well to see if that works out for you.

Aside from this, one important thing to keep in mind is that the USB ports only work while you are in ignition or running the vehicle. If you were trying to use them on just the battery then the ports will not work.

  1. Try Changing Ports

The USB ports on the Dodge Ram are located inside the dashboard. Though, when trying to use them, you will notice that there are tons of ports. The user might think that all of these have the same current in them. But this is not the case, most of these run-on different amps of power.

This is why the problem might be that you are trying to plug your phone in a port where the current is too low. Most newer phones require much more power to keep them charged. Some of these might take hours to get charged if the voltage does not reach the fast-charging requirements.

  1. Use an Adapter

Even if you have tried the step mentioned above, there is a chance that your mobile phone will still not charge on the ports installed in Dodge Ram. Considering this, if you want to use a USB port to charge your devices, then the best option is to get an adapter.

These can easily be bought from most electrical stores. Just make sure that you purchase one that supports USB 3.0 ports and fast charging.

Installing these on your vehicle is quite simple and you can then proceed to use them. Aside from this, you can even ask the dealer you bought your vehicle from to replace the dashboard ports with an adapter instead.

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