Camping With Blankets Instead Of Sleeping Bags (Explained)

camping with blankets instead of sleeping bags
camping with blankets instead of sleeping bags

Camping is a fulfilling hobby as this is a proper get-away from your normal and boring routine. You get to enjoy the change of scenery, a refreshing place to live and sleep in, and whatnot. But if you are not prepared and don’t have the appropriate gear with you.

It often gets colder on the camping places due to open-air, humidity, and multiple other factors. Ultimately, the right sleeping gear is something that you must have on your trips with you.

Many people argue that sleeping bags are the best choice for camping but the pro campers know it better than that. Camping with blankets instead of sleeping bags is much more convenient and fun. Here is everything that you will need to know about it.

Camping With Blankets Instead Of Sleeping Bags

1. Weight

Well, the weight on these blankets is lower than the sleeping bag and you can have a good night’s sleep in them. The weight on any sheets that you take the matter a lot for quality sleep and if you are on a hiking trip and you are camping somewhere or anything like that, you will need a good night’s sleep to gather your energies back from the tiring day and of course to get ready for the day to come.

Hence, you should definitely consider getting these blankets instead of the regular sleeping bags.

2. Volume

If you are unable to get the porter then the volume must be a big thing for you. Mostly camping bags are made of polyester outside which makes them bulky and they can get pretty hard to carry around.

If you are not ready to deal with such issues, you should definitely try out the blankets and they can be wrapped up pretty concise and portable for you to take with you on camping. They will save space for you, no matter if you are camping outside and you are on foot, or you want to save storage space in your camper van and carry all the things that you need.

3. Moisture

Polyester being the water-resistant material can gather some moisture on it if the temperature falls to a certain degree, or if there is excess humidity in the area. We all know how much moisture can affect sleep quality and you don’t want to face such issues especially when you are on a camping trip.

So, in order to avoid those issues, you should get a good quality blanket that is able to take the moisture and help you get a comfortable sleep.

4. Cost

Cost is another cool factor and these blankets will cost you unbelievably lesser amounts than a sleeping bag would. The reason is pretty much the same as commercialism has got over the camping industry as well and sleeping bags can cost you some hefty amounts.

So, if you are looking to save some bucks and have a better experience on your camping trip. You should definitely be going for the blankets and not those sleeping bags.

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