3 Ways To Fix RV Converter Draining Battery (Troubleshooting)

rv converter draining battery
rv converter draining battery

People who enjoy going out on long trips usually have an RV with themselves. This vehicle acts as their home and provides them with all the necessary items to enjoy their trip. Although. Sometimes you might notice that your RV is starting to turn into technical problems.

It can be hard to point down the exact cause for this but the most common reason for this is that your RVs converter is having some issues. This converter is usually used to prevent your RVs battery from getting drained when the user is connected with a generator.

While using an onboard generator, the RV is connected to outside electrical sources through an RV converter. This will then reduce the amount of current coming from 120 Volts AC to only 12 Volts DC. Keeping this in mind, if your RV is still draining its battery after the converter has been used, then here are a few ways you can troubleshoot.

How To Fix RV Converter Draining Battery?

  1. Voltage Range

One reason for your battery to be getting drained even though a converter has been applied can be that your vehicle is not receiving stable voltage. You can check this by using a multimeter. This device will test the range of both AC and DC voltage coming through the main power source and then tell you that through its meter.

Any abnormal reading on this device indicates that the problem is most likely with the main power source. Set the range on your meter to 110. After this observe the meter. The voltage readings should be between 110 to 128 volts. If the reading is not between this and is either too high or too low then this might indicate that your onboard converter is starting to run into problems. After this check the breaker box.

This time make sure that you set the meter to 12 Volts DC and observe the range between 10 to 14 Volts. This method will help you pinpoint the location where the current is flowing too much or too low. You can then easily fix it by replacing wires, components, or the breaker.

  1. Cooling Fan

An internal fan is used in almost all RVs to prevent the onboard converter from getting overheat. This fan is usually running constantly while you use the converter and it prevents the converter from getting too hot. Although, sometimes this fan gets damaged due to fluctuations in current. Alternatively, the fan might just get damaged or the thermal sensor may have become faulty.

Whatever the case may be, if the fan stops working then your onboard converter will start to get hot. Considering this, if your converter is getting overheated then it will start giving you problems. This is why you should fix your cooling fan by finding out what is wrong with it. To check if the fan itself has not become damaged, take out the sensor from it and unplug it from the current wiring.

After this, plug your fan into another socket and then check if it is working. If the fan works then the problem might be with your sensor or socket. You can check your socket by using a voltmeter. If the power coming from it stable then the problem lies in your thermal sensors.

These can be quite tricky to fix if you have no prior knowledge about similar stuff. This is why you should contact a mechanic to help you replace the old sensors with new ones.

  1. Fuse

Lastly, the problem might be in your fuse. These are devices that are used to handle the amount of current coming through them. If the power coming in exceeds the current value then this will cause a short circuit.

This stops the current from flowing through them, protecting all your devices from getting damaged through the high surge of current. In short, the fuse acts as a security measure for your devices. The fuse you are using might have become damaged or just gotten too old. Although, these can easily be replaced by you. Use a plier to pull out the old broken-down fuse.

After this take a new fuse and put it back in. Make sure that you do not apply too much force to the fuse with the pliers or the glass on it will shatter.

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  1. I have installed a brand new battery but after a few days the battery has drained and I can’t start the rv. What could be the problem?


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