3 Common Atwood 8531 Furnace Problems (Troubleshooting)

atwood 8531 furnace troubleshooting
atwood 8531 furnace troubleshooting

If you enjoy going out on frequent trips with your family and friends. Then you might already own a motorhome or recreational vehicle. These provide you with lots of storage to keep your equipment as well as numerous other features.

Though, in some cases, no matter how much equipment you take with you. It can be hard to deal with extreme weather conditions.

One example of this is going to a really cold area. No matter how many quilts you take with you, it can still be hard to sleep or rest in your vehicle. Though, companies like Atwood have come up with furnaces that will fix this issue.

The 8531 model is one of the best ones that you can get. However, there are also a few issues with it. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with some common problems that you can get on Atwood 8531 Furnace along with troubleshooting steps.

Atwood 8531 Furnace Troubleshooting

  1. Furnace Not Working

Sometimes the user might notice that their furnace is not working at all. This is quite common and usually happens due to an electrical problem. Either the connections for your furnace have gotten damaged or loose.

Alternatively, there is also a chance that there is some problem from the backend. Considering this, it is better that you start by checking your connections.

This is because this will confirm what the root of your issue is. People who do not know how the wirings for their furnace work should contact a professional. This is recommended as it can be dangerous to check connections on your own.

However, if you still want to do this then you can start by checking if the wirings for your furnace have come loose.

If these are all tightly attached then lookout for any damages on them. Wires that have cuts on them need to be replaced with new ones to fix your problem. On the other hand, if there are no issues with your cables then you can move on to check the backend.

This should either be your battery or generator. Make sure that these are working fine and that you fix them if there are any issues with them.

  1. Burner Keeps Switching Off

One common problem that people can run into is that the burner on their furnace will keep switching off. This can either happen due to the propane gas running low on your device.

Alternatively, it might be a problem with the sensors on your furnace. While checking for gas is easy, when it comes to the sensors, you will have to clean these up.

It is usually recommended that you completely clean your furnace regularly. This will prevent it from running into problems. Though, you should note that cleaning the sensors can be a little tricky.

The user has to take out dust from the sensor using a pin. Additionally, you have to ensure that not a lot of force applied to the sensors as these are quite sensitive.

Make sure that you do not damage or break them. However, if the sensors are still not working even after the cleanup then these might have become faulty. You will have to get these replaced with new ones to fix the issue.

Aside from this, the burner switching off can also be a problem with the burner itself being faulty. This is why you must look out for it as well.

  1. Furnace Not Starting

In some cases, people might notice that their furnace is not starting. This usually indicates that there is an electrical problem with the device. However, if you have followed the steps mentioned above then there might be something else causing the problem.

The Atwood 8531 Furnace has a circuit breaker in it that will cut the connection in case of an electric surge.

This protects the device from getting damaged but you should note that your furnace will not work afterward. The user has to manually switch on the connection from their circuit breaker to fix the issue.

You can find this in the control panel of your device. Though, keep in mind that you might have to replace the fuse in your breaker. Additionally, you have to look out for the voltage ratings on the fuse to ensure it is compatible.

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  1. Furnace runs fine although it has never been very efficient. My problem is that less than five minutes after it starts it begins to vibrate. Too noisy to leave on.


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