3 Ways To Fix Atwood Furnace Ignition Lockout Fault

atwood furnace ignition lockout fault
atwood furnace ignition lockout fault

One of the best devices that you can find in an RV or motorhome is furnaces. These are small heaters that can be used to heat the water supply in your vehicle. While most RVs already come with these installed in them. If yours does not then you can install a third-party furnace instead. The equipment ensures that can stay on trips in a cold area without any issues.

When it comes to which company you should be purchasing these devices from then Atwood is among the top choices. Even most manufacturers use the furnaces made by Atwood in their vehicles. This shows how amazing these are but you should note that there are also a few issues that can be found.

One problem that users have recently been reporting is that Atwood Furnace ignition lockout is at fault. If you are getting the same problem then going through this article should help you in fixing it.

Atwood Furnace Ignition Lockout Fault

  1. Check Water Pressure

The ignition lockout on Atwood furnaces is a security feature installed to protect the device from getting damaged. Considering this, you should keep in mind that there is only one way to fix the problem.

This is to enable the furnace again from its control panel. Ignition lockout only switches off the main circuit breaker by resetting the device.

Switching on the button should allow you to start your device again. Although, before you get to this, keep in mind that there was some reason this switch was activated. If you do not fix the main cause then the problem will appear again. The most common reason for the ignition to lockout is having a low water pressure.

Considering this, make sure that enough water is running through your pipelines. You can easily test this by leaving the taps in your vehicle open. Sometimes people might be using a lot of taps in their vehicle at once which can reduce the pressure going to their furnace.

In this case, simply switching off additional taps should fix the pressure problem for you. Alternatively, your water tank might have run out which in return was causing this problem.

  1. Check Gas

Just like water pressure, another reason why the ignition system can lockout is because of the gas in your vehicle running out. You can check your propane gas tank to confirm this. In some cases, you might have not completely run out but instead might be running too low. However, keep in mind that there is a limited amount of gas required by the furnace to run properly.

If the value goes below this then you can start to get similar issues. Although, simply replacing the tank with a new one should fix the problem for you. Aside from this, make sure that the pipes are tightly connected and there are no bends in them.

Sometimes routing the pipes in a certain way can prevent gas from flowing with pressure.

  1. Check Sensors

Finally, another reason why you might be getting this issue can be due to the sensors in your furnace. These are used to detect the heat on your burner ensuring there are no problems with the device.

However, if the sensors themselves are running into issues then they might switch off the ignition accidentally. Considering this, you should start by cleaning off the sensors.

Even a small amount of dust on them can prevent these sensors from taking a proper reading. Use a small pin to clear the specks of dust stuck within the sensor. Make sure that you do not apply too much force as this can damage the device instead.

On the other hand, if these are damaged then cleaning them off will do no good. You will have to purchase a new set of temperature sensors online.

Make sure that these are supported by your Atwood device. You can then replace the sensors on your own or contact a specialist to help you. If done correctly, you should be able to fix your problem.

Aside from this, you can even contact the support team for Atwood directly if you are unable to find the root of your issue. The team should be able to help you out in finding a solution to your problem.

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