3 Ways To Troubleshoot Atwood Furnace

atwood furnace troubleshoot
atwood furnace troubleshoot

While going out on camping to cold areas, you will require more than just a few warm blankets. This is because even if you have kept yourself comfortable in the cold, it can be really hard to deal with cold water in the morning or when you decide to take a bath. This is why furnaces or also known as boilers are used.

These will keep the overall environment of your RV warm as well as provide you with warm water when needed. These are quite essential when going out for camping trips in the cold and Atwood is the best company when it comes to purchasing them. Although, in some cases, people using an Atwood Furnace might need to troubleshoot it. This article will provide you with a list of methods to do this.

How To Troubleshoot Atwood Furnace?

  1. Insufficient Heat

Sometimes the user will notice that their furnace is not providing enough heat. Even when you turn the temperature all the way up, your RV will feel almost no warmth. This usually happens when the vents on your furnace become covered with dirt or the venting area is too crowded. You can easily fix this by turning off your furnace.

After this clean up your vents to remove all the clogged-up dirt. Lastly, take all the items out of the venting area of your furnace. These mostly include soft objects that might act as an insulation to all the heat. Such as your curtains, carpets, or similar items. Clearing all of these up should help your furnace in providing heat and warming up your RV.

  1. Power Problem

Your furnace might stop functioning due to some problem. In most cases, this indicates that your device is not receiving enough power. You can check how much power your current outlet is receiving by plugging up a voltmeter to the switch and then observing it.

If there is no power coming from the outset then plug your furnace into another power supply that you are sure is working fine. If the furnace starts working then get your outlet fixed. If it still does not work then get the fuse on your power supply replaced to fix your problem.

Lastly, keep in mind that if you are using too many electrical appliances then that might be the reason why your furnace is not working. Free up some power by removing some of your appliances and then try to use the furnace.

  1. Change Temperature

If your power supply is working fine and the furnace is receiving all the power it needs. But it still not working fine then try to turn the temperature up. Make sure that you set it above the current temperature in your room. After you are done with this, use your switch to turn the option to ‘on’ manually.

This should most likely fix your problem but it doesn’t then you can try setting up your furnace on the auto heat option. This will help it in deciding the current room temperature and then heating up your RV on its own.

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