3 Common Atwood Levelegs Problems (Troubleshooting)

atwood levelegs troubleshooting
atwood levelegs troubleshooting

Atwood is a famous brand known for manufacturing stuff related to recreational vehicles. They have a huge lineup to select from which can be viewed from their website.

The company was recently purchased by Dometic who now owns all their products. They have been known for their amazing devices which makes them a great choice to go for.

One of the best products that the company has come up with is its leveling system. This allows your vehicle to stay in a balanced position so that you can have a smooth drive. The user can also change between the modes whenever they want to.

While the product is great to use, some people have also complained about getting problems with it. Keeping this in mind, we will be using this article to provide you with some troubleshooting steps for the Atwood Levelegs system.

Atwood Levelegs Troubleshooting

  1. Extend and Retract System

One of the most common problems that people get with the Atwood Levelegs system is that the jacks do not move. This can be quite frustrating to deal with as the user is unable to change the settings. Though, you should note that the product has some requirements of its own. The first thing that you need to look out for is that your engine is running.

The second thing is that your vehicle’s gear is set to parking. Finally, you should also have the emergency brakes of your motorhome or RV set. If even one of these criteria is not fulfilled then the leveling system will not move. In most cases, simply looking out for these three things will fix your problem. On the other hand, if you have not used your vehicle in some time and it has been sitting still in the garage. Then the leveling system can get locked in its place.

For this, you will have to first shut off the alarm from the control panel. You can then inspect the vehicle to see if the system has gotten stuck at a specific place. Try to manually extend it and then retract the system from its position. You will have to hold the EXT key along with the two keys on each of its sides for the extension.  While the RET and the same two buttons should be held down for the retraction. These should allow the leveling system to come free and start working again.

  1. Reset the Device Completely

Another reason why the leveling system can start giving you trouble can be that there is some problem with its configuration. There is no way to fix these manually which is why the user has to reset the device. This will bring your vehicle back to its default position and then switch off the leveling system. You can then configure your settings again and the leveling should now work as intended. The process can be a little complicated but if the user follows it throughout then there should be no problem.

  • Disconnect the main power from on the jacks by taking out the socket for it.
  • Switch the power on for your control panel and hold RET along the ALL button.
  • After all the lights have started blinking, switch off the main power by pressing the ‘ON’ button.
  • Now access the nuts on the system’s motor and spin all of them manually.
  • Plug the cable back into the jack you had disconnected it from.
  • Finally, press the ‘ON’ button again and test all of the jacks one by one. Make sure that all of them are moving separately.
  • Hold own both the ALL and RET buttons to bring the jacks back to their original position.
  1. Manually Retract the Device

If none of the steps above work out for you then there might be a problem with your system. The board on it can get faulty and you should contact Atwood directly. They should be able to provide you with a replacement unit or repair your device. Though, people who cannot do this can retract the device manually.

You will have to turn the nuts present on the system 500 times to move the jack-up by one single inch. This can take a lot of time and effort if you do not have access to a drill. However, this is the only way to retract the device if the system is not functioning.

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