HWH Leveling System Not Working: 3 Ways To Fix

hwh leveling system not working
hwh leveling system not working

Jacks are required to lift your vehicle if you want to change the engine oil in them. Aside from this, some companies have come up with hydraulic jacks that you can install on your vehicles.

These can lift them as well as keep their suspension balanced according to you. You can switch between different leveling modes through the push of simple buttons.

HWH is one similar company that manufactures these systems. These are completely automated and require next to no configuration. This makes them extremely easy to install.

Aside from this, some HWH users have reported that their leveling system is not working. IF yours is giving the same problem then here are some ways you can fix it.

HWH Leveling System Not Working

  1. Reboot System

The leveling system from HWH is designed to store data from their users and vehicles to provide a stable ride. This is saved according to the leveling type you are using. Sometimes the data can get clogged up on the memory of the HWH system.

This can then slow down its performance instead, you can even get similar problems like the leveling system not working. One simple way to fix this is to reboot the entire system.

You can do this by switching off the engine of your vehicle and then starting it again after some time. This will give the jacks enough time to refresh their memory and the problem should not occur again.

  1. Reset Jacks

If simply rebooting the system does not work then you will have to reset it instead. You should note that the procedure for this depends on what model you have.

Usually, users are given a manual with their HWH leveling systems which you can follow to reset the system. If you have lost it then search the official website of HWH to find a copy of the manual.

Make sure that you enter the exact model of the system you have installed on your vehicle. The most common process to reset these jacks is by completely retracting the entire system.

Keep in mind that your vehicle should be on a plane are during the process. You can then hold the top left button on the main system for a few seconds. You will notice that it will then start to move around a little.

This means that the jacks are now being reset. After some time, your jacks should be at their original position and the problem with It should be fixed.

  1. Check Connectors

Lastly, one other reason for the system to not work can be that the connectors on it have come loose. All the buttons are attached through small ribbons which can come off eventually.

You can open up your system and tighten up all of these connectors to ensure that they are not loose. If the problem persists then your system might have started to become faulty. The best recommendation, in this case, is to contact HWH. They should be able to identify the problem with your device and get it fixed as soon as possible.

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