How To Reset Power Gear Leveling System?

power gear leveling system reset
power gear leveling system reset

Many features come with owning a large vehicle. When traveling in a motorhome or RV, you feel like you are at home. These vehicles also come with a lot of other benefits. However, maintenance can be more difficult for larger vehicles. Maintaining them regularly can be tedious because of the size.

To make this process easier for users, many companies have developed equipment. You can install monitors that will display information about your wheels and the temperature of your vehicle.

It is necessary to purchase a leveling system to keep the vehicle balanced and stable at all times. Power Gear provides its users with this product, and it is one of the most reliable companies in this industry.

The most common problem with these vehicles is their leveling system. It is very important for them to maintain their level so that you can perfectly enjoy resting and can take a complete overview of the vehicle. A lot of companies have developed leveling systems such as the Power Gear leveling system which is very popular.

Power Gear

Power Gear specializes in manufacturing leveling systems as well as jacks that can be used on RVs and other vehicles. These stabilizers are designed to make driving and traveling much safer and more enjoyable for users.

Because of this, many people opt to install this product on their vehicles as it eliminates the need to manually distribute the weight. Furthermore, the equipment is easy to install, which makes it even better.

However, the user may still encounter some issues when using a Power Gear leveling system. Due to this, you should be able to eliminate this error by simply resetting the device.

How To Reset Power Gear Leveling System?

Resetting your Power Gear leveling system will retract all the gears and shut it down. As the memory of your device is refreshed during the process, most problems and errors should be resolved. Make sure that all the connections on your device are working properly.

Occasionally, wires can become damaged, which may prevent the device from working. Please take a moment to review all the wiring for your Power Gear leveling system.

Wires that have been damaged should be replaced with new ones. Once your control panel is functioning properly and you have completely retracted all the jacks on their vehicle, you can drive away. The retract button must be pressed until all the jacks are fully retracted.

Keep it pressed until the vehicle is in its default position. Once this has been accomplished, turn off the system and wait a while to let the system come back on. Afterward, the user can restart the program and set it to automatic leveling.

As an alternative, you can start leveling it on your own from the control panel. Doing this will probably resolve your problem. It is important to remember that the system sometimes has a hard time retracting.

Troubleshooting Power Gear Leveling System Reset

It can be very annoying when the leveling system of your vehicle goes out of order. It is very unlikely for a leveling system like Power Gear to stop working but like every piece of equipment is subjected to some issues over time, the Power Gear leveling system can also face some problems.

The leveling system and leveling jacks can encounter many problems and resetting or troubleshooting them can be a perfect way to get rid of these issues.

Sometimes leveling jacks get stuck in raised positions and it is not possible to move your vehicle in this condition. On the other hand, sometimes these jacks are stuck down and do not retract. Both these situations can ruin your whole plan of having a lovely trip or can delay it.

However, almost every owner of such vehicles are very well aware of these issues. They know how to handle these problems and troubleshoot the issue. There are a few steps that are commonly followed while troubleshooting or resetting the leveling system of vehicles.

  1. Execute Elementary Tests

Execute Elementary Tests

This is the very first and basic step of resetting or troubleshooting your vehicle’s leveling system. This can help you keep traveling to your destination.

If you have some experience with these big vehicles, you can easily observe the whole system which can help you in troubleshooting. The first thing to do is to observe if there is any sound coming from the system when you press the button.

If there is no sound, it is more likely to be an issue related to the power system or this simply can be a blown fuse. On the other hand, if the leveling system is making some noise like it usually makes but is not starting, this means that the problem is more complex and technical.

It is also recommended to try to run all the jacks one by one. This will help you know whether the problem is related to one of the jacks or if the whole system is malfunctioning. This will surely provide you with a way to narrow down things to find the exact issue with the Power Gear leveling system.

  1. Visual Examination

Once you have run the basic tests, now you have to examine the whole vehicle visually. Take a trip around the vehicle and carefully inspect all the jacks. Look for any cracks or hydraulic fluid leakage from jacks. If you are traveling in a place where the temperature is very low, make sure the jacks are not frozen. Put some warm water onto the jacks to make sure they are not frozen. This visual examination of the whole leveling system can help find the real issue.

  1. Look into The User’s Manual

The user manual of the leveling systems like Power Gear is perfectly designed as everything about the whole system is explained efficiently. You can find detailed information about any problem related to the usage of every part.

Though it is recommended to carefully read the user’s manual when you purchase the leveling system. But in case you haven’t done so, now is the time to read the user manual to get to know the leveling system to get rid of the problem.

The manual contains all the details about every part of the whole system. Going through it and inspecting the system can help you find the problem. The manual also contains ways of temporarily fixing the problem with the leveling system.

This can help you take your vehicle to the mechanic. You will also find the comprehensive details of the process of retracting and resetting the whole system.

  1. Execute Manual Retract

Most of the leveling systems found in vehicles like RVs are HWM systems. Generally, all these leveling systems have an override system that can be done manually.

The override can help you retract the jacks to get you a chance to reach the mechanic. For this, you have to open the manual release valve and then pry the jacks up manually.

Make sure you have proper knowledge of executing the manual retract because it can be very dangerous for a newbie. You have to make sure that you don’t go under the vehicle when trying this method.

Remember to keep the release valve open even after you have retracted all the jacks. Just drive to the nearby repair shop and let the professional machine handle the rest.

  1. Call For Help

Call For Help

If you have tried everything but nothing is going the right way, then you must call for help. You can look for someone who has better knowledge of handling the leveling system and who uses a similar Power Gear leveling system as yours.

You can also call the manufacturer’s helpline and ask if they can assist you. Last but not least, you can seek the help of a remote mechanic that can reach you to help you fix your leveling system.

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