How To Reset Power Gear Leveling System?

power gear leveling system reset
power gear leveling system reset

Owning a large vehicle will provide you with lots of features. Motorhomes and RVs make you feel like you are traveling in your own home.

There are tons of other benefits that you can get as well. Though, the larger the vehicle, the difficult it is to maintain it. This is because keeping a check over them regularly can be quite annoying.

This is exactly why many companies have come up with equipment that will make this easier for the user. For the wheels and temperature of your vehicle, the user can install monitors that will display all the information about them.

Though, to keep the vehicle balanced and stable at all times, you have to purchase a leveling system. Luckily, Power Gear is one of the most reliable companies that provide its users with this product.

Power Gear

Power Gear is a famous brand that is known for manufacturing leveling systems as well as jacks that can be used on vehicles like RVs. These are made to provide the user with a much better driving and traveling experience by stabilizing their vehicle.

Considering this, many people decide to install this product on their vehicle as it takes out the worry of having to manually distribute the weight. Additionally, the equipment is quite easy to install which makes it even better.

Though, there are still some issues that the user can run into when using a leveling system from Power Gear. Considering this, simply resetting the device should allow you to get rid of this error.

How To Reset Power Gear Leveling System?

Resetting your Power Gear leveling system will shut it down by retracting all the gears on it. This should also fix most problems and errors that you were getting previously as the process refreshes the memory of your device.

You can start by ensuring all the connections on your device are working fine. Sometimes the wires can get damaged which will prevent the system from working. Considering this, take a look at all the wiring for your Power Gear leveling system.

If any of the wires have gotten damaged then replace these with new ones. Once your control panel starts functioning correctly. The user can then proceed to completely retract all the jacks on their vehicle. T

his can be done by holding down the retracting button. Hold it down until the vehicle is back to its default state. Once it is, switch off the system and then wait for some time. The user can then start it back up and set their leveling to automatic.

Alternatively, you can start leveling it on your own from the control panel. This should most likely fix the problem you were previously getting. Keep in mind that sometimes the system can have a hard time retracting as well.

This indicates that something might be stuck in the gears which you will have to remove. Aside from this, you might have to manually turn the gears for the system to retract. This will take a lot of time which is why it is better to use an electronic drill instead.

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