How To Reset HWH Leveling System?

hwh leveling system reset
hwh leveling system reset

Almost all the vehicle owners understand the importance of keeping their car, truck, or RV regularly maintained. It protects the vehicle from the most common issues while also giving passengers a comfortable ride.

Although to change the engine oil on your vehicle or change the tires, you are sometimes required to lift them. It can be quite easy for cars, as they come with a jack that you can use. However, it might be challenging to transport big vehicles such as RVs and motorhomes.

Because these automobiles are exceedingly heavy to lift, standard jacks will not operate on them. Hydraulic jacks are commonly used in this situation.

Hydraulic jacks are also known as pit levelers, cargo dock levelers, vehicle docks, warehouse dock levelers, and other similar terms. They’re used for moving heavy bays, as well as transportation and shipping in factories, ports, distribution centers, and distribution facilities.

Furthermore, hydraulic levers are the most commonly utilized because of their ease of use, low cost, exceptional dependability, and durability. Jack contributes to increased efficiency and safety throughout the loading and unloading operation.

Operation Of A HWH Hydraulic Jack

The loading dock leveler uses a hydraulic piston and two hydraulic valves to elevate the primary surface plate and rim plate. Then it works as a gateway to fill the gap and height difference between the truck and the concrete dock or factory flooring.

As an outcome, the forklift may access the vehicle compartments straight for loading/unloading. The dock leveler may be set to its original state after usage by continually pressing its start button.

HWH Leveling System

Hydraulic jacks are devices used to lift heavy vehicles like RVs or trucks so that you can perform maintenance on them. There are quite a lot of brands that come with it, but one of the most famous ones is HWH. They provide their users with a mechanical device that they can use to maintain the level of their vehicle.

The majority of the parts used in this jack are manufactured by the manufacturer, with the remainder fabricated to their requirements. In their HWH leveling jack device, manual, electronic, and other devices are already implemented.

Features of the HWH Leveling System

  • RV stabilization reduces RV effects induced by internal and external pressures.
  • Hydraulic Lifting Power allows for the effective uplifting of all purposes, large or small.
  • Corrosion resistance comparable to stainless steel is provided by jack rods made in-house from electroplated nickel-coated steel.
  • Exceptional electrical construction provides a dependable infrastructure with weather-tight electrical wiring, protected warning switches, specially manufactured seals, and plug-in wire connections.
  • Ensures that Jack’s feet/footpads are appropriate to the weight of the RV.
  • Parts are suitable for use in motorhomes.
  • Use of elevated, highly corrosive materials

The HWH brand is the undisputed leader and innovator in RV leveling equipment. For more RV manufacturers and consumers than any other company, HWH is preferred for the following reasons:

  • Because of their dependable and simple operating systems,
  • Hydraulic power is robust, long-lasting, and low-maintenance.
  • HWH leveling uses jacks in pairings to reduce strain on the coach construction, which can cause significant damage.

The nicest part is that everything is done automatically. This technology allows you to accomplish a plethora of things. However, you may have a few issues with it from time to time.

However, the majority of issues may be resolved with a simple resetting of the HWH leveling mechanism. All error codes are removed from the device, which resets it to factory default settings.

How to Reset the HWH Leveling System

Before resetting your auto-leveling system, it is important to keep in mind that this product always comes with a user manual. You can follow the steps mentioned in it to fix most problems that you might have.

If you have misplaced the handbook, you can obtain a copy from HWH’s official website. It is important because the procedure on some systems can vary slightly, and these steps might not work for you. Although, these should work out for most people.

  • Start by parking your vehicle in a completely flat area.
  • Now remove the air in your shocks so that your RV can completely lower.
  • On the top left of your system, there should be a button labeled ‘Auto Self-Leveling Jacks’. Open up the control panel on the system and then hold this button.
  • You will notice that the auto-leveling system has now started to reset. Liftoff your finger and wait for this process to be completed.

This will reset the system, and your vehicle should now return to its original state. Most people who use this equipment have recommended that you should level your vehicle manually. It is because the auto-leveling system can prove to be quite simple and leaves you with the hassle of leveling your vehicle on your own. It can still cause a lot of problems.

There are several instruments on the market that can assist you in checking the level of your RV. They can help you with manually leveling them.

The Benefits of Getting an HWH Leveling Set!

  • They are fast and easy to level.
  • They are reliable and more convenient.
  • It is designed specifically for most Sprinter chassis cars, like telescopic style vehicles, lightweight for a lower GVWR, and compact and low design vehicle, which necessitates lengthy strokes on a tiny jack.
  • They offer a push-button function in a single movement.
  • They are easy to use.
  • They offer simple manual operations.
  • They offer spring retract, which means that in the case of a power or hydraulic failure, the jacks will collapse.
  • HWH is at the top of the line in labeling since they have been in the market for 40 years and are successful.
  • Provides installation and services worldwide.
  • Provide a one year warranty.
  • HWH is a top-tier vehicle leveling company that has been in business for 40 years and has had great success.

Jack’s HWH Leveling Systems have long been known for their unwavering excellence and sophisticated design. This is because HWH systems are made from high quality equipment and are designed particularly for a broad range of RV models. HWH systems are lighter in weight than their competitors, with innovations that are decades ahead of the competition.

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