HWH Jacks Won’t Extend: 3 Ways To Fix

HWH Jacks Won't Extend
HWH Jacks Won’t Extend

HWH jacks are some of the most popular ways to lift your RV for routine maintenance. You need a Jack that can handle more weight than the average vehicle, and that’s where these jacks come into play.

HWH jacks are also a popular option among the RV community because they’re automatic. Using automatic jacks is a great way to save time or reserve your energy. Some people don’t have the energy or strength to use a manual Jack for their RV.

Please continue reading to learn everything you need about what to do if your HWH Jack doesn’t extend. In addition, we will discuss the common reasons this occurs and how you can use your HWH Jack.

How To Use HWH Jacks

Sometimes you can’t have your HWH Jack extended because you’re not sure how to use this device. If you’re accustomed to using manual jacks instead of automatic ones, there can be user errors involved with your jacking system.

Follow these steps to use your HWH jacks on your RV.

  1. Place the HWH jacks under the frame of your RV.
  2. Press the up arrows on your control panel.
  3. Stop pressing the buttons once the yellow light dings.
  4. Complete the necessary work on your RV.
  5. Use the down arrows to depress the RV after you complete your maintenance.

Double-check the placement of your HWH Jack if you struggle to lift your vehicle. If you follow these steps and still have difficulty lifting your RV, follow the other troubleshooting methods on this list.

HWH Jacks Won’t Extend

1. Power Supply Issues

HWH jacks are an intuitive way to lift your RV from the ground so that you can perform routine maintenance. However, the convenience of an automatic system also comes with its downfalls. There’s no such thing as a perfect jacking system for an RV.

You risk encountering power supply issues whenever you use an automated system to lift your vehicle. This is the downside of using an easier method to lift your RV aside from manual labor. The good news about this issue is that it’s easy to identify.

How To Identify

If you’re experiencing power supply issues with your HWH Jacks, you can identify it by seeing if the jacks respond when you push the power button.

If your jacks are completely unresponsive, then you have a power supply issue on your hand. However, if they only extend partially, you may have a different issue with your HWH Jacks.

Your HWH jacks will refuse to operate whenever something is wrong with your power supply. This is a safety measure to ensure that your RV doesn’t fall when you try to lift it.

The last thing you want to worry about is your jacks failing in the middle of your maintenance session.

How To Fix

Fortunately, fixing power supply issues with their HWH jacking system is extremely easy. Follow these steps to resolve these issues so you can use your automatic jacking system to lift your RV for maintenance.

  1. Release the air from your HWH system.
  2. Hold down the auto leveling button for 15 seconds.
  3. Wait a few minutes for the reset process.
  4. Attempt to use the HWH jacking system again after the system reboot.

Restarting your HWH jacks is the easiest way to resolve a power supply issue. Fortunately, this resolution only takes under 10 minutes.

2. Mechanical Errors

Every machine encounters mechanical errors here and there, and the HWH system is no exception to this rule. Your HWH system will store plenty of files to remember the dimensions of your RV so that it has an easy time lifting it again.

However, how you fix these mechanical errors can vary depending on your HWH leveling system. Different models have different requirements for their mechanical error resolutions.

Alternatively, you should contact the company for assistance if your HWH jacking system comes with these errors before you use it.

Between routine usage and factory errors, mechanical problems are the most common reasons people can’t extend their HWH jacks. Any automatic system in any industry will experience mechanical errors occasionally.

How To Identify

You could have a mechanical error in your HWH jacks if they only extend partially during use. You may also have an error with your jacks if they keep retracting after you extend them. Unfortunately, it’ll be impossible for you to use these jacks during a mechanical error.

Mechanical Errors

How To Fix

Like the last option, it would be best to reset your system if you experience a mechanical error with your HWH jacks. Running through a resetting cycle is the best way to eliminate extension errors for power supply issues or mechanical errors.

However, resetting your HWH jacks is only sometimes going to work, a period sometimes, you need to take the jacking system to a professional.

3. Connector Malfunction

If your connectors are loose inside, you could experience mechanical problems with your HWH jacks. Whenever you have a loose connection, it’ll be difficult for the power supply to efficiently reach its source, causing you to be unable to extend your HWH jacks.

This is the only troubleshooting option on our list that doesn’t require a reset.

How To Identify

The easiest way to tell whether or not you have loose connections in your HWH jacking system is to peek inside.

Check out each wire to ensure it’s properly connected to the spot it needs to go and examine these liars for damage. If there is any damage to these wires, they’ll have difficulty connecting them to the power source.

How To Fix

The way you resolve this problem depends on the issue at hand. For example, if your wires are loose from the power source, you’ll need to reattach them. However, if your wires are damaged, you need to replace their wires.

Replace Wires

You can purchase replacement wires from the HWH company to ensure you get the right stuff. You can also visit a mechanic for information about the types of wires your HWH Jack requires. The last thing you want to do is purchase the wrong wires for your device.

What To Do When These Fixes Don’t Work

If you attempt every resolution on our troubleshooting list to no avail, you’re not out of luck. Unfortunately, there are plenty of factors that can contribute to an HWH jacking system malfunction. Check out these tips to extend your HWH jacks if our troubleshooting methods don’t work.

Contact HWH

If your HWH jacking system doesn’t work right out of the box, you should contact the company for a replacement or a refund.

Unfortunately, whenever you buy an electronic device, you might have power issues from the manufacturer. HWH should refund your money or replace your jacking system with the working one.

Keep a Backup Jack

Keeping a backup manual Jack in addition to your HWH automatic system would be best. This backup jack can come in handy if you’re traveling on the road and encounter mechanical issues with your automatic jack.

Unfortunately, it will take longer for you to use this manual jack, and it takes a lot of labor.

However, it’s better to put in extra work and have a backup manual jack than to have nothing. If you don’t purchase a backup manual Jack in addition to your HWH automatic system, you could end up stranded in the middle of routine maintenance.

RVs require more maintenance than your average vehicle, so it’s important to stay prepared.

Tow Your Vehicle to a Mechanic

If you don’t have a backup manual Jack in your arsenal or can’t use one, you can hire A towing company to take your RV to a local mechanic. Either way, you should never operate your RV if a severe mechanical problem requires maintenance.

For example, if you notice your RV shaking, it would be best to stop and take a break until you can resolve the problem.

If you travel often, it would be best to subscribe to a roadside assistance service for RVs. This way, when you break down on the side of the road, you can have roadside assistance come by and tow your vehicle to a mechanic without unexpected fees.

After you tell your vehicle to a mechanic, they can fix any issue with your RV. Ensure that you call a roadside assistance company that caters to RVs because some companies only cater to regular vehicles.

Final Thoughts

HWH jacks are important for taking care of your RV’s routine maintenance while you travel. Unfortunately, due to their size and functions, you need to work more on your RV than you would with a regular vehicle.

Using manual jacking systems for an RV can be a hassle and wear you out because you’re lifting much more weight than a daily driver.

If your HWH jacks don’t extend, you must walk through our troubleshooting methods to get them working. You could have extension issues due to poor power supply, mechanical malfunctions, or connector issues.

However, if you still experience trouble after walking through this list, contact the manufacturer for assistance.

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