HWH Jacks Won’t Extend: 3 Ways To Fix

hwh jacks won't extend
hwh jacks won’t extend

Keeping your vehicles maintained is one of the most important things. This helps in having a comfortable ride and will also prevent your vehicle from running into any problems.

Talking about this, to change the engine oil in from your vehicle or to check its tires, you need to lift the vehicle. Smaller cars can be lifted with a small jack.

But motorhomes and RVs require hydraulic jacks to be lifted. One of the best companies around that manufactures these is known as HWH. These jacks are easy to install and will keep your vehicle stable at all times.

While that is the case, some HWH users have reported that their jacks won’t extend. If this happens to you well then here are some simple steps to help you in fixing it.

HWH Jacks Won’t Extend

  1. Power Cycle System

The HWH hydraulic jacks are digitalized automatic leveling system that can be controlled with a single click of a button.

What is even better is that you can keep your motorhome leveled at all times while you have the auto-leveling feature switched on. The system stores up data on its memory to perform all these auto features.

Considering this, it might sometimes start to slow down, in this case, it will start to run into errors like the jacks not extending. You can simply reboot the system to refresh the memory on your device.

This should also level your vehicle again. Although, make sure that your system stays off for a few minutes before it is switched on again. This gives the device enough time to delete any temporary file from its memory that might be stuck on it.

  1. Reset Leveling System

Another thing that you can try is to reset your system completely. This will delete all the files from your leveling system and bring them back to their factory default state. Though, you should note that the process for this can vary from model to model.

So, it is recommended that you get the manual for your device instead. This should contain all the information about resetting the device.

Alternatively, you can even download it online by searching for the specific model of HWH jacks that you use.

Normally the process requires users to bring their vehicle back down to its original state and then hold the top left button for a few minutes. The vehicle will then start to move around a little and you will notice that the system is now resetting.

  1. Check Connectors

Lastly, you can check your system for any loose connectors that it might have. Open up the system and take a look at all the wires for every button. These are usually connected by ribbons and your can easily attack them again if they were disconnected.

Find and firmly press the extend jacks button to confirm it is tightly connected. You can then close up the system and try to use it again. This should most likely fix your problem.

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  1. i have 03 Rexhall 35TS. The front left jack is sticking and I have to pry it up to retract it. How or where can I get info as to model # of those jacks?


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