RV Roadside Assistance Comparison: AAA vs Good Sam

RV Roadside Assistance Comparison: AAA vs Good Sam
RV Roadside Assistance Comparison: AAA vs Good Sam

AAA vs. Good Sam RV Roadside Assistance

When you have an RV, you need a roadside assistance plan. Two popular and well-known plans are Good Sam Roadside Assistance and AAA. Let’s take a look at these two options for RV owners.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance is specifically designed for recreational vehicles, and a few of the benefits include unlimited towing, unrestricted emergency calls, and you can all of your family members at no extra charge.

AAA also offers roadside assistance for RVs, but only if you add it to their Premier and Plus memberships. While AAA members can enjoy more discounts on things like gas, hotels and rental cars, AAA has more restrictions on what they’ll do on their actual roadside assistance.

Good Sam RV Roadside Assistance

Good Sam offers two levels of roadside assistance, the Standard and Platinum. While Platinum offers more discounts on things like hotels and car rentals, otherwise, the benefits of both levels are the same.

  • Unlimited towing, with no mileage restrictions.
  • All family members are included in the plan.
  • No limit to how often you can use their services.
  • Trip interruption services are also provided.

In addition to emergency towing, Good Sam Roadside Assistance will also deliver fuel and fluid, jump-start batteries, change tires, and locksmith services. If you need it, a qualified technician can come to you, and assist you at no extra charge.

AAA RV Roadside Assistance

AAA is primarily designed for autos, and they have a solid reputation for roadside assistance. But if you want AAA for an RV, it can get complicated. For one thing, they only provide RV coverage as an add-on to their Plus and Premium levels.

Benefits of AAA for recreational vehicles include:

  • You’re covered in any vehicle, even one you don’t own.
  • Discounts are available for many things, including car rentals, hotels, theme parks, movies, and a few RV parks.

Just like Good Sam, AAA offers emergency towing,  battery jump starts, changing tires, fuel and fluid delivery, reimbursement for trip interruption expenses and locksmith services.

However, most AAA services have limits, and anything over the limit will cost you money. For example, the AAA Plus RV plan allows up to 100 miles of free towing, and the Premium RV plan allows for up to 200 miles of free towing. After that, you will need to pay for towing. AAA only allows for up to $100 in locksmith services for Plus RV and $150 for a locksmith with their Premium RV service. Worst of all, all AAA plans only allow for four emergency calls per year. If you want to add family members to your plan, each additional person will cost extra. Furthermore, the cost of their plans vary by state, so there is no one set price.

Overall, Good Sam is the better choice for an RV. There are no hidden costs and fewer restrictions on the service.


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