Lippert Auto Level Blinking Red: 3 Things To Try

lippert auto level blinking red
lippert auto level blinking red

Motorhomes can be very exciting to own and there are a lot of amazing perks associated with them. But one reality that cannot be negated is that they are huge vehicles which can be a bit difficult to handle at times. Minor issues can occur with any form of machinery and that is nothing to panic about.

One of the leading issues with motorhomes is that the users feel that there is a lot of instability in them. This can indeed become a nuisance when the vehicle is parked in one place. Any movement inside the RV will make the whole vehicle shake. This is extremely frustrating because motorhomes are designed so that you can move around in them easily.

Luckily, companies like Lippert have come up with products that fix this problem. The auto-leveling system allows you to balance your vehicle easily. The equipment is entirely automated and ensures that your vehicle is kept stable while you have it parked.

Like many other amazing devices, Lippert Auto Level can also encounter some common glitches. One of these issues is that of the LED light blinking red. In most appliances and devices LED lights are an indication of something. They usually point towards some other issue that needs to be checked.

What to Do When Your Lippert Auto Level is Blinking Red

  1. Retract Equipment

Retract Equipment

One of the best things about the Lippert Auto Level device is that it comes with a control panel. Control panels are very important pieces of equipment that can be used to input commands and control the system. Additionally, another great thing is the LED lights present in the system. These will blink in different colors indicating how the equipment is working.

In case of any problems, you will either notice that there is a red stable light on your panel, alternatively, this can be found blinking as well. The blinking refers to there being a problem with the device including jams or configuration errors. A blinking light in most cases gives an indication of something being wrong with the machinery.

The reasons behind this red blinking light can be many but in most cases, the solution to turn it off is that you should start by retracting the device completely. This can be done by holding the ‘Retract All’ button and it should fix your problem.

You should go ahead and get your motorhome checked by a mechanic to ensure that everything is fine with it. If the blinking still persists then you should call the Lippert customer care department to share your concerns and get some help on the matter.

  1. Manual Retract

Sometimes when trying to retract the device, the button on your control panel might not work. This can be quite annoying but your only option now will be to retract the machine manually. This takes a lot of time and effort if you do not have the proper equipment to retract these leveling jacks.

In the manual retraction, you will have to enter into the manual mode. After this, you will have to place a lever in the middle of the RV, then you will have to use that lever to level the vehicle from back to front and between both sides as well.

A more detailed description of this process can be found in the user manual that comes with your Lippert Leveling System. The user manual should help you check whether you are on the right track or not. Once you have manually leveled the vehicle then you can switch off the touch panel.

After this, you have to carry out another step called the “ZERO POINT CALIBRATION”. After that manual retraction will be completed.

Although, one option is that you try using an electrical drill. Without this, it will be quite hard to retract the system, but once you are done, the problem should be gone.

  1. Check Motor

Check Motor

If the same problem is still persisting then your only option will be to check the motor in your auto level system. Make sure that this is not covered in dust as sometimes the debris stuck in your gears can prevent them from moving.

Although, once you have removed all this, the equipment should start working again without any issues. In case it does not, the motor in your auto level system might be broken. You will have to contact Lippert for this and ask their support team for help. They should be able to correctly identify the issue and get the repair done for you.

Motorhomes are actually an investment and they are a valuable asset. It is important to keep a regular maintenance schedule for them so that your beloved vehicle does not fall prey to way too many issues. With regular checks, you can keep an eye on any potential errors before they even occur.

Prevention is better than cure even in the case of cars. Repairs are way too expensive and extensive. So, when your motorhome’s leveling system starts to give an error code in terms of red blinking light, it is high time that you get it checked out by a professional.

Why Do Motorhomes Need Leveling Devices?

These leveling devices keep an RV properly balanced according to the owner’s wishes. They do all this in a precise manner without causing an upheaval or making things too problematic for the owner.

One thing that should be noted is that you can easily move the corners of the RV on their own. It is discouraged because if the whole side is not moved at one time then you may end up with a twisted RV frame.

Everything is so easy with the Lippert device, with just one touch you will be able to tilt or balance your RV whichever way you want. This is extremely important especially when an RV is parked in one place and you are using it as a place to live in. Too much shaking of the vehicle can look odd and also cause accidents or falls within the RV. So a balancing device will prove to be very useful in such a situation.

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  1. I have a 2018 coachman chapperal 381rd with a lippert auto level system 3.0 Jack’s. After pushing the auto level button the front levels ok then the rear jacs go down the rh side touches and lifts little then the lh side lifts a little stops then continues to lifts the lh rear to height then errors out red light flashes


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