Troubleshooting Lippert Leveling Jacks (3 Steps)

lippert leveling jacks troubleshooting
lippert leveling jacks troubleshooting

The Lippert leveling jacks make it easy for campers to manage their units. With the help of these jacks, you don’t have to worry about manually leveling the unit, and depending upon the terrain, you can leave everything to these jacks.

The automatic leveling is a great feature for your unit and it will be very useful for you if you use it correctly.

There is an owner’s manual included with the system that has complete instructions on how you should be using these leveling jacks. If you follow the instructions correctly then you won’t run into any problems.

However, many users complain about the Lippert leveling jacks not working. This is why we will be listing some methods that can help you with the leveling jack.

Troubleshooting Lippert Leveling Jacks?

  1. Check Breakers

First, you should check the power status on your leveling jacks. If there is power in your main panel but the levers are not going down then the breakers may have tripped. According to the customers, it is very common for this problem to occur in the automatic leveling unit.

If you’re lucky then you won’t have to do anything besides flipping the breakers and that will reset your leveling unit. Hopefully, you won’t have to try any other fix and the leveling jacks will start working after the unit has successfully reset. In some situations, you might need to reset the main panel after resetting the breakers.

If the leveling jacks are still not working then you should also check the output from the battery. You can use a multimeter for this step to check the power connections.

In case, the issue was not related to the breaker and the breakers were already in the on position then you will just have to fix the battery connection to the unit and that will likely fix the problem with your automatic leveling jacks.

  1. Check Solenoid

Along with the breakers and the battery connection, you should also check the wiring harness and the solenoid. Many users mentioned that they had to change the solenoid valve to get the unit working again. So, if you can’t find any fault in the battery connection and the breakers are also in the right position then you should try your luck with replacing the solenoid.

Sadly, it is not that easy to replace the solenoid yourself and you will also need to take your motorhome to a workshop to get the solenoid replaced. However, if you are confident in your skills then you can also try replacing the solenoid yourself. But it would still be better if a professional can take a look at your system.

That way he will help you isolate the problem with your leveling jacks and you won’t have to waste any addit

ional time. Other than that, you should also check the wiring harness for possible damages. If the wiring harness is damaged then that is likely why your leveling jacks are not working. Replacing the wiring harness and the solenoid should fix the problem if the leveling jacks are not extending.

  1. Contact Lippert

There are also a lot of other issues that can cause your automatic system to fail. So, if your leveling jacks are not working after checking the breakers and the solenoid then you should reach out to Lippert for assistance. You can easily get the company number from the internet and then call them regarding the issue you’re facing with their product.

Especially, if your purchase was recent then you should contact the company number instead of trying to fix the device yourself. If the warranty on your Lippert leveling jacks is valid then the company will get it fixed for you.

Even if the device is defective, you will get a replacement depending upon the warranty status. So, if the leveling jacks are not working after checking the wiring and the breakers then it is likely that there is something wrong with the main panel.

A professional from Lippert support will guide you through the reset procedure to fix the panel. Other than that, you can also use the owner’s manual to get around this problem. Hopefully, the problem will get fixed after resetting the main panel and you won’t have to deal with the same problem again.

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