HWH Leveling Jack Leaking: 3 Ways To Fix

hwh leveling jack leaking
hwh leveling jack leaking

HWH is a famous company that is known for manufacturing hydraulic jacks for its users. These allow users to live up their vehicle or make them balanced so that it stays stable while you are driving around.

You can then change the engine oil of your vehicle or clean it up as well. The main benefit of using these over normal jacks is that these are automated.

The system adjusts your vehicle’s levels automatically without you having to go through the hassle of manually leveling it up. While these are great, some HWH users have reported that their leveling jack is leaking.

If you are also getting this problem, then here are some steps that you can follow to troubleshoot the problem.

HWH Leveling Jack Leaking

  1. Change Transmission Oil

The HWH leveling jacks require users to change the oil in them after some time. The old oil starts to become dirty and thick with time and will start to cause problems in the system.

To fix this, users are required to replace this with new oil. If you have recently changed the oil in your vehicle. Then you should note that HWH recommends their users fill up their vehicle with Dexron or multipurpose transmission fluids.

Both of these are amazing and will provide your vehicle with a stable ride. Although, if you have used a brake fluid or hydraulic fluid then these will start to leak. This might be why you are getting this problem in your system.

The only way to get rid of this is by replacing the oil with a new one. Make sure that you choose the recommended brand and see that it supports your system before adding it in.

  1. Tighten Up Tank

Sometimes the user might leave the cap off their fittings loose after changing the transmission oil. This causes the oil to leak when you are using your vehicle. Considering this, you can easily get rid of the problem by tightening up the cap for your tank.

Make sure that you close the tank firmly, in some cases the cap might be a little tilted. Which can also cause the oil to leak out. If this happens then you can completely take off the lid and then tighten up the cap carefully. Hopefully, this should prevent your oil from leaking again.

  1. Contact HWH Factory

Lastly, in some cases, the cylinder on your system can sometimes get damaged. This causes the jacks to start leaking. You can confirm this by taking a look at your HWH leveling system.

If you notice that the cylinders have become damaged then you will have to take your vehicle to the company. If the product is under warranty then you can easily ask them to fix it. They might even get the cylinders replaced and you will get rid of the problem.

However, if your warranty has come void then you will have to pay for the repair and it might end up costing you a lot. This is why you should talk to the company before getting the system repaired.

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