3 Common Power Gear Slide Out Fault Code & Solutions

power gear slide out fault code
power gear slide out fault code

If you own a recreational vehicle or motorhome, then you should already know the importance of having slide-outs in your vehicle. These are small rooms that the user can extend from their vehicle and then retract when they are not needed.

This little increment of space in your vehicle can allow users to feel comfortable in their RV while it felt cramped a few minutes ago.

Considering this, you can either get these slide-outs pre-installed by companies or install a third-part one for your vehicle. One of the most famous slide-out systems is from the brand Power Gear.

While these are amazing, the user might sometimes get a fault code on their Power Gear slide out. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a few steps that will help you in getting rid of this problem.

Power Gear Slide Out Fault Code

  1. Minor Fault Codes

The Power Gear Slide Out system has an amazing feature that it gives out error codes which helps the user in finding what the problem might be with their vehicles.

There are mainly two types of error codes which include either the minor fault codes or the major ones. Most minor ones can be dealt with by simply retracting and then extending the slide-out system on your vehicle.

Aside from this, one way to tell which error code you are getting is by counting down the number of times your red-light blinks when trying to use the slide-out. The error code 2 usually suggests that there is a problem with your vehicle’s battery.

Either the voltage from it is low or your connection to the device has come loose. You can ensure your wiring and then take a look at your battery to fix this issue.

  1. Major Fault Codes

When it comes to major fault codes, then these usually mean that there is a problem with one of the motors on your device.

Your slide-out should blink the green light on it a few times to indicate which motor exactly might be causing the issue.

The user can then check the state of their motor by switching off the slide out. Usually, the two reasons why your motor can give you trouble are that either the wirings on it have come off.

Alternatively, the sensors on it can get clogged up with dust or die out. Replace these with new ones or install a new motor to fix your problem.

  1. Fault Code 8, 9 and 10

The 8, 9 and 10 fault codes indicate that the connection between your vehicle and slide out is bad.

You can try to fix this by retracting your slide out completely. Though, in this case, you will have to use the emergency retraction instead of the simple button. If the problem persists then there is most likely a problem with your wiring.

You can either replace these on your own or contact a specialist. Finally, people who are having trouble trying to identify the fault codes on their devices can consult the manual instead.

3 thoughts on “3 Common Power Gear Slide Out Fault Code & Solutions”

  1. Low battery light flashes when operating slide on 2017 Isata 3 fw. Batteries are new. Has been wired to operate with motor running. Voltage meter shows 13.8. Been plugged into shore power. With generator running, meter shows 14.5 and all is good. How to get 14.5 volts without running generator ?

  2. I have a Isata 4 with the same issue of low battery condition. I have installed lithium batteries, lithium charger and the dinette slide works most of the time without a fault if I am plugged in or generator running. It was much worse before the lithium batteries. I just stop and restart if the low battery light flashes. I never have an issue with the bedroom slide which is much smaller. I truly think the slide is too heavy for the motors they used.

  3. I just replaced the gear on the rear motor on a full wall slide out after replacing the gear I ran the slideout, out and it seemed to run fine when I was trying to bring it back in a red light came on blinking 5 times and then 1 green what would this mean?


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