What To Do If RV Slide-out is Crooked?

What To Do If RV Slide-out is Crooked?
What To Do If RV Slide-out is Crooked?

RV Slide-out is Crooked

Slide-out RVs are a type of RVs that is characterized by having expandable sides or modules that multiply the interior space, both in width and height. The same system is also applied to slide-out trailers, with the only difference that they are trailers rather than motor vehicles. Thus, an area of the motorhome can be expanded laterally towards the outside of the vehicle, considerably increasing the interior space. These are usually electrically driven self-expanding modules. The appearance of these extendable devices has drastically changed the design of RVs, as they allow the construction of cabins that once deployed, are much wider than the road itself, so the limitation in width disappears.

Many modern RV as of today have at least one sliding section, which is generally used to expand the kitchen and better accommodate the living area. Larger modern RV, often of the fifth wheel type, often have three horizontally extendable sections, one in the kitchen, one in the living room and the third in the bedroom.

This type of extensible motorhomes generally has an electric opening system and hydraulic stabilization system, being its configuration totally customizable, so they offer great versatility. Being a mechanical part, it is not a surprise that the slide-outs may be required to have some issues in the future and need some maintenance as well. Among the most common problems found in RV-slide-outs are that they are not properly aligned or look crooked, leaks or the motor is not working properly. Just knowing the brand of your slide-out is not always enough to find out what the best troubleshoot measure, although the problem can be easily spotted by the way the part is acting without having the need to take it to a workshop for RVs or a professional.

A way to fix the RV slide out gear for alignment so it doesn’t feel stuck or look crooked can be easily done at the comfort of your house or a parking place, it is also sometimes referred to as having problems with the timing gear. First of all, you need to fully be aware of how the slide-out works so having the instructions nearby will be of great help. It can be a problem with the battery or some bad fuses, but basically you will have to manually repair it or change the parts. Luckily for everyone, the parts are not difficult to acquire and can be found pretty easily at stores, some issues can simply consist of basic materials.

Some things you can do to prevent issues with your slide-outs in the future is to lubricate the mechanical parts quite often so the metal doesn’t get rusty and also to seal any possible rupture from the hydraulic pumps to avoid potential leaks that can damage your entire RV.


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