Winegard RV Antenna Troubleshooting- 3 Solutions

winegard rv antenna troubleshooting
winegard rv antenna troubleshooting

People all around the world enjoy watching television in their homes. Whatever the case might be, the best thing about RVs and motorhomes is that these vehicles provide you with the same facilities at your home. However, while you are traveling, there is no way to watch TV channels from your cable.

Considering this, companies have come up with antennas that you can install on top of your vehicles. The Winegard TV antenna is one of the most popular things that you can get. Although, there are also some issues that you can run into with this. This is why we will be using this article to tell you about some common troubleshooting steps that can be used if your Winegard RV antenna is not working.

Winegard RV Antenna Troubleshooting

1. Installation Process

Winegard is a famous company that is known for providing some of the best cable plans. The brand has its Sling TV box that you can install on your own. After this, a subscription is required and you can then start watching all the channels that this brand provides.

Although, when you are traveling in a motorhome, the same device cannot be used. This is because the user is constantly moving and the Sling TV box is not powerful enough to catch on stable signals.

This is where the Winegard RV antenna comes in which you can order directly from the company’s website. The main problem that users have with this device is that it does not work for them. Considering this, you should keep in mind that a complete procedure is required before you can get this antenna to work.

The installation process includes finding a suitable position where the device can easily catch on to signals. Additionally, the antenna should be tightly connected so that it does not move around when going at fast speeds. Finally, the wirings should all be installed in a way that no cables go through any hard turns.

This is important as most bends in wires will eventually cause them to break internally. You can use the manual provided by Winegard to help you out with this. Although, if you are still having trouble then you can also watch videos online to help you out.

2. Check Receiver

If you have properly installed the antenna from Winegard but your cable is still not working. Then there is a high chance that your receiver might be running on older firmware.

This is quite a common problem as some people bought their antennas after they were released but their receivers were in use before this. Considering this, the firmware that your receiver is currently running on might be quite old. The support for these antennas might not be on it which can prevent your device from working.

Although, the problem can be fixed easily by simply installing a newer firmware on your receiver. Two main ways can be used to do so. One of these is by accessing the settings on your receiver and then selecting the automatic firmware update.

This will search for available patch files and then download them on their own. However, if this does not work then you will have to install the patch file yourself. Searching for new firmware versions online will allow you to access these easily. Just make sure that the update is for your model of receiver.

3. Contact Customer Support

If your RV antenna from Winegard is still not working and you have tried all the troubleshooting steps mentioned above. Then there is a high chance that your equipment might be faulty or dead. The antennas are quite cheap and Winegard also offers a warranty service.

Considering this, you should contact their support team and tell them about your issue. They will then look into your problem and provide you with a solution. This should only take some time and you can even contact the company if you are having trouble with the installation process.

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