Winegard RV Antenna Troubleshooting – 11 Solutions

winegard rv antenna troubleshooting
winegard rv antenna troubleshooting

Winegard is a renowned company that has gained remarkable recognition in the market for providing some of the best cable plans. The brand has its Sling TV box that you can install on your own. After this, a subscription is required, and you can then start streaming a wide range of channels provided by this brand.

However, this device is not feasible if you are riding a motorhome. This is because the user is constantly moving, and the Sling TV box is not powerful enough to catch on stable signals.

Most of the time, an RV is regarded as a home-away-from-home. But it actually is a home for some people. TV addiction is real because some folks are so fond of TV that they cannot get anywhere without streaming their favorite channels on TV. Well, Winegard has solved the problem for such people by bringing a TV in the RV.

There is nothing better than watching some free TV in your RV after you have spent an entire day on the trail. Winegard RV Antenna has made it possible for you to stream a number of channels, including FOX, ABC, etc., and get entertainment at your fingertips. However, TV antenna reception in RVs is not free of issues.

A problematic antenna will stream grainy channels or none at all. This is where the Winegard RV antenna comes in, along with its wonderful features. If you are looking for one, you can order it directly from the company’s website.

This article reveals some common troubleshooting steps that can be taken if your Winegard RV antenna is not working. Keep in mind that you cannot solve RV TV antenna problems unless you find out the cause.

Winegard RV Antenna Troubleshooting

  1. Installation Process

You cannot explore the antenna if you are unaware of the process of installation. There is a certain procedure to be followed to get the antenna to work.

The installation process includes finding a suitable position where the device can easily catch on to signals. Make sure that the antenna connection is tight enough to endure the fast winds. It must not misplace itself at any cost. In the final step, carry out the installation of wirings in such a way that no cables can go through any hard turns.

This is important because wires can suffer permanent internal breakage as a result of these bends. You can use the manual provided by Winegard to help you out with this. If you are still having trouble, then you can watch videos online to get help.

  1. Check The Receiver

Check The Receiver

Sometimes your antenna might be correctly installed, but even then, the cable might not work. Then there is a high chance that your receiver might be running on older firmware.

This is quite a common problem as some people bought their antennas after they were released, but their receivers were in use before this. The support for these antennas might not be on it, which can prevent your device from working.

Although, the problem can be fixed easily by simply installing a newer firmware on your receiver. There are two main ways to execute this solution. One of them is accessing the settings on your receiver and then selecting the automatic firmware update.

This will search for available patch files and then download them on their own. However, if this does not work, get ready to install the patch file yourself. Searching for new firmware versions online will allow you to access these easily. Just make sure that the update is for your model of receiver.

  1. Check The Booster And Wall Plate

Check The Booster And Wall Plate

There are certain signal problems associated with the RV TV antenna. It can result in blurry images on the screen besides the inconsistent reception. An antenna booster is the best way to avoid such problems. In addition, you can stream more channels than usual if you opt for a booster.

If you see any disturbance in the working of the antenna, ensure that you thoroughly check the booster and the wallplate, as most of the time, just by fixing the wall plate you can get stable reception.

  1. Examine The Coaxial Cables

The coaxial cables can get affected in a number of ways. They can get corroded or disconnected and lead to the improper functioning of the antenna. Most of the time, it’s just the loose contact that’s causing the problem. You need to fix that.

Besides, you can also assess the working of cables with the help of a voltmeter. A reading of 12V is a sign of the smooth working of the cable.

  1. Fix RV TV Antennas Head

It is possible that the shortened head of the antenna is the reason behind its poor working. To fix that, disconnect the antenna head. Next, you can switch on the wall plate.

  1. Lubricate Your Winegard RV Antenna

Sometimes Winegard RV’s antenna cannot rotate because of excessive use. The components of the antenna get stuff and keep the device from capturing the available channels.

To deal with this problem, you need to lubricate the components of the antenna in different areas. It includes the lubrication of the elevating crank, the gear housing, and base plate, and the rubber quad ring. Experts advise avoiding the use of grease for lubrication because it can hurt the rubber quad ring and the roof as well.

On the other hand, silicone is the best lubricant to do the job without any problems. The elevating crank plays a key role in the adjustment of the height of your antenna. If it offers resistance to crank, lubricate it with WD-40. Do a clockwise rotation and lift it up and down 3-4 times.

If the antenna is stiff even after applying lubricant to the elevating crank, you need to lubricate the gear housing and base plate. The first step is to elevate the antenna and look for the screw on the top of the gearbox. Remove that screw and apply the spray into the holes of the housing. You need to keep rotating the gears unless there is no resistance or tension.

It is usually recommended to lubricate the rubber quad ring twice a year, even if your antenna is working fine. This is the easiest component to lubricate because you don’t have to remove anything. If you see a cylinder-like object with a spiral wrapping on it, that’s the quad ring. Make sure you lubricate it well.

  1. Double-Check Your Antenna’s Direction

It is a common observation that the direction of the antenna is directly effective in the working of the antenna. Sometimes everything is fine with the antenna itself, but it is poorly aimed. Make sure that you re-aim the TV antenna in a direction in which it gets signals with ease.

It has also been observed that giving a 90-degree rotation can get you a lot more channels than before.

  1. Check For Any Obstructions

Regardless of the safety you provide to your Winegard TV antenna; it can still accumulate debris and dust, resulting in an obstructed range of motions. The first step to check for obstructions is to identify the component that is facing resistance.

If you are unable to see any obstructions, use the flashlight on your phone or a magnifying glass. Get rid of invisible particles with the help of a feather duster. For small particles, a blow dryer can be really handy. However, you have to take some precautions while using the blow dryer. Keep it away from your device and make sure that its heat setting is at the lowest level.

  1. Loosen Tight Screws

The working of a TV antenna is highly affected by certain components like screws, bolts, and nuts. There is a high chance that during the installation process, some of the screws might have gotten too tight. This could prevent the smooth working of the antenna.

  1. Contact Customer Support

Contact Customer Support

If your RV antenna from Winegard is still not working and you have tried all the troubleshooting steps mentioned above. Then there is a high chance that your equipment might be faulty or dead. The antennas are quite cheap, and Winegard also offers a warranty service.

You can contact their support team any time and tell them about your issue. They will then look into your problem and provide you with a solution. This should only take some time, and you can even contact the company if you are having trouble with the installation process.

  1. Upgrade Your Antenna

Upgrade Your Antenna

On some occasions, getting a TV signal is essential while you are riding an RV. You always have the option to upgrade your current antenna to a more powerful one. One of the best ways to increase the signal strength is to install an amplifier.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that there are some spots that do not catch the signal no matter how well the antenna is working. If your trip spot is in the area outside the signal range, you should get an auto-cracking satellite. It gives you access to the best possible signals no matter where you are.

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