RV Slide Out Height Adjustment (Explained)

rv slide out height adjustment
rv slide out height adjustment

Purchasing a recreational vehicle or motorhome is one of the best options for camping enthusiasts. This is because these people stay on their trips for long durations of time. Additionally, they like to visit dangerous areas which require them to carry a lot of equipment. This is usually not possible on smaller vehicles however, if you have an RV then storing all this equipment should not be an issue for you.

Aside from this, there are numerous features that you can find on these motorhomes and RVs. One of these includes having slide0outs on your vehicle. These are extra rooms that can be expanded with the push of a single button. You should then have tons more space in your vehicle to move around freely, making you relaxed.

RV Slide Outs

Keep in mind that not every RV has a slide-out in it. Although, if you are looking for a vehicle that should have one then there are still numerous options that you can go for. Considering this, you should note that how the feature will work and its troubleshooting steps all depend on what company you got your slide-out from. In case you run into any problems with your device, it is best recommended that you check the manual provided to you along with your vehicle.

There should be a complete section on how you can troubleshoot most problems with the slide-outs on your RV. Going through these will not only help you in fixing the problem but also guide you on how to keep the device maintained. In case, you have lost the manual that came with your vehicle, you can download a copy of it online. Keep in mind that selecting the exact model of your vehicle is essential as the steps vary depending on your lineup.

RV Slide Out Height Adjustment

Talking about RV Slide-Outs and problems with it, you should keep in mind that there are some things that you need to be aware of. One of the most common issues that many people using slide-outs have reported is with the height on their equipment. After using the slides for some time, they will notice that the slide-out in their vehicle starts to move upwards.

This can be quite annoying as you can see the gap between your RV’s floor and slide while the equipment is retracted. Although, the problem can easily be fixed by locking the jam nut in place. This is usually locked in the most optimal position by default; however, it might have gotten loose or moved around with time.

You can access this by extending the slide-out slightly and then check the metal beam bar below your vehicle. This should have two nuts on it. One of these should be somewhere around the first quarter of the bar while the second one should be at the start. You can move around the second nut and lock it in the same place as the first one. If done correctly, once you retract your slide-out back to its original position. You will notice that the height on it has been adjusted.

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