3 Common King Jack Antenna Problems (Troubleshooting)

king jack antenna troubleshooting
king jack antenna troubleshooting

What’s better than watching your favorite movies and TV shows after a long working day? While some people enjoy watching these shows and movies, some even take some time out of their day to watch their favorite TV channel. Some avid travelers love exploring new places and love spending time in nature when they find leisure time.

If you are a cinephile and are planning to discover new places during vacations, you may be wondering if there is some way to watch TV shows and movies while traveling. Well, there is no way to watch TV shows while driving to your destination unless you install a TV in your motorhome.

To enjoy uninterrupted telecasts on your RV’s TV, you must install an antenna in your RV. This is why King Jack has come up with an antenna that you can easily install in your vehicle.

The King Jack antenna comes with several ground-breaking features and allows the user to watch television shows of their choice. With its high durability and innovative features, it has become an automatic choice for many RV owners.

From TV shows and movies to live matches, the King Jack antenna enables you to watch everything seamlessly. This is all done by catching on signals from satellites, though there are a few issues that you can run into.

This is why you must know about some common troubleshooting steps to fix the King Jack Antenna. These workarounds would help you efficiently deal with your antenna problems and enjoy your favorite content while traveling.

King Jack Antenna Troubleshooting

Thankfully, there are many solutions to fix your King Jack antenna.

1. Installation Problems

Installation Problems

If you notice that your device is running into problems after you recently installed it, the installation process might be an issue. For best results, the King Jack antenna has to be installed properly. You need to follow a complete procedure when installing the product.

To install the King Jack antenna correctly, it is a good rule of thumb to refer to the product manual. If you have not followed the installation instructions carefully, the chances are that your device may come off and not function properly. Since the antenna is installed on the exterior of your vehicle, installing it correctly is even more important.

Of course, the last thing you’d want is to see your King Jack antenna come off while you are traveling. And if it does, it will most likely get broken or damaged, putting your journey down in flames. This is why it is crucial to carefully install your King Jack antenna to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The nuts that you have to install should also be tightly screwed. You should also make a habit of keeping a check over them and tightening them frequently. This is because the screws can get loose over time, and they have to be tightened so that the antenna stays in place.

To install the King Jack antenna in your RV the right way, turn off your TV first. Then, take the batwing out of the box and attach the mounting bracket to the batwing with the screws. The good news for you is that you won’t have to buy the knick-knacks separately as the King Jack antenna comes with all the accessories that you would need to install it.

To screw the mounting bracket, it is recommended to use a screwdriver instead of a drill machine. This is because the batwing of a King Jack antenna is made of plastic, and a drill machine can damage it.

The batwing of your antenna has a red indicator light, which turns on when you turn the power on. It is important to note that the indicator light glows when it is adequately powered, not when you insert the cable.

Now, go to your RV’s roof to install your King Jack antenna. If you are replacing your old antenna, you can use the same pins but with new clips. First, take off the old damaged antenna and then place your new King Jack antenna in such a way that its face is towards the back of the camper. Put in the pins and screws to make sure a harsh breeze doesn’t rip it apart.

Now bring the antenna down and lubricate the gear with silicone grease or any other recommended lubricant so it comes down and goes up smoothly. For this purpose, get some silicone grease on your finger and smear it into the gear. Consider lubricating it now and then so it cranks up and down easily.

That’s it! You have successfully installed the King Jack antenna in your RV. If you notice that the screws of the antenna tower sit at the metal sheet of your RV’s exterior and you are afraid that the vibration may poke a hole or ruin its appearance over time, consider using polyethylene tape right under that spot so the antenna tower can move back and forth without damaging your RV.

2. Not Receiving Signals

Not Receiving Signals

Sometimes, you might notice that they are not receiving any signals while they are on their trip. It’s one of the most common antenna problems that users often face. Before getting into troubleshooting, it is important to note that there are several areas where you can’t receive these signals.

This is because some remote areas may not have towers nearby, and the only option will be to watch shows that you have already recorded. Of course, this could be irritating if you wanted to watch live telecasts instead, but we have what we have!

With that out of the way, if you are not receiving signals even in an area with lots of towers, then the position of your antenna is most likely causing the problem. This is quite common as people do not look into the place where they install the antenna.

Considering this, you must do proper research when putting on your antenna. There are certain locations where you can install the product to get the best coverage.

This is why simply changing the location of your device should help you in getting the best possible signals as well as fix the problem. If you are still unsure about this, then you can even reach out to a forum and ask people where you should install the antenna.

Make sure that you provide the model of your vehicle to get the best possible answers. Alternatively, you can consult the manual to help you with this as well as the installation process.

3. Receiver Not Updated

Receiver Not Updated

If you have recently installed the King Jack antenna and are having problems with it, then there is a high chance that your receiver is causing these problems . Most people have an older receiver that is not compatible with the King Jack antenna. Of course, not all receivers can work on all antennas.

The only way to have your receiver work with your King Jack antenna is by installing the new firmware version on it. If you have not installed it, you can visit the King Jack website to learn more about it. Make sure that you search for the exact model of your receiver to find the relevant update.

Installing this should allow you to start using the King Jack antenna without any further problems. If you are having any problems with the update, then make sure that your connection is stable.

Sometimes the firmware patch can get interrupted if your network gets disconnected during the process. This is why you may want to download this through your hotspot. This will fix your problem and ensure that you don’t encounter interruptions.

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