3 Common King Jack Antenna Problems (Troubleshooting)

king jack antenna troubleshooting
king jack antenna troubleshooting

Watching movies and TV shows allows you to feel relaxed after a long day. Though, some people enjoy watching these shows and movies. Some people even take out some time out of their day to watch their favorite TV channel. Considering this, you might be going out on a camping trip during your holidays.

While driving to your destination, there is no way to watch your show which can be quite annoying. This is why King Jack has come up with an antenna that you can install in your vehicle.

This comes with several features and also allows the user to watch television shows of their choice. This is all done by catching on signals from satellites, though there are a few issues that you can run into.

This is why you must know about some troubleshooting steps for the King Jack Antenna. These should help you in dealing with any problems that you can run into.

King Jack Antenna Troubleshooting

  1. Installation Problems

If you notice that your device is running into problems after you have recently installed it. Then there might be an issue with the process. There is a complete procedure that you need to follow when installing the product.

If you have not followed these carefully then there is a high chance that your device can come off. This is quite dangerous as the antenna is installed on the exterior of your vehicle.

Considering this, if it comes off while you are driving then it will most likely get broken or damaged. This is why it is important that you carefully install your antenna from King Jack to avoid it running into any issues like these.

The nuts that you have to install should also be tightly screwed. You should also make a habit of keeping a check over these and tightening them frequently. This is because the screws can get loose with time.

  1. Not Receiving Signals

Sometimes the user might notice that they are not receiving any signals while they are on their trip. Before getting into the troubleshooting, you should note that there are several areas where you can’t receive these signals.

This is because there are not towers there and your only option will be to watch shows that you had already recorded. Though, if you are not receiving signals even in an area with lots of towers.

Then the position of your antenna is most likely causing the problem. This is quite common as people do not look into the place where they install the product.

Considering this, you must do proper research when putting on your antenna. There are certain locations where you can install the product to get the best coverage.

This is why simply changing the location of your device should help you in getting the best possible signals as well as fix the problem. If you are still unsure about this, then you can even contact a forum and ask people where you should install the antenna.

Make sure that you provide the model of your vehicle to get the best possible answers. Alternatively, you can consult the manual to help you with this as well as the installation process.

  1. Receiver Not Updated

If you have recently installed the King Jack antenna and are having problems with it. Then there is a high chance that your receiver is causing this. Most people have an older receiver that is not compatible with the King Jack antenna.

The only way to have your receiver work with it is by installing the new firmware version on it. If you have not installed this then you can visit the website for your device. Make sure that you search for the exact model of your receiver for this to find the update.

Installing this should allow you to start using the King Jack antenna without any further problems. If you are having any problems with the update then make sure that your connection is unstable.

Sometimes the firmware patch can get interrupted if your network gets disconnected during the process. This is why one option is to download this through your hotspot. This will ensure that there are no interruptions and your problem is fixed.

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