King Controls Jack Antenna Review 2022: Worth It?

king controls jack antenna review
king controls jack antenna review

Having an RV provides users with a number of useful things. People who own them know that it basically feels like you are traveling with your house. Although, there are some things that you need to compromise on when going out on an adventure.

One of these is having no signal connection to watch your television on. If you are someone who enjoys watching news channels or sports shows on these. Then you might find it annoying that you are unable to do this on your trips.

In this case, companies have come up with antennas that can be used on your RVs. These provide you with the ability to catch on signals and watch your favorite shows on the television.

King Controls Jack Antenna Review

There are a different number of antennas that you can use on your vehicles. The features on them vary depending on the model and company that you select. However, one of the most recommended ones out of all these is the King Jack antenna.

The company has been known for providing different types of accessories for its users. The King Controls Jack antenna is one of the most sold products from them.

The best thing about this antenna is its universal mount. This means that you do not have to worry about the compatibility of this device with your vehicle.

You can simply purchase it and set it up on your RV. This can even be used at your home. While the procedure to install this is really simple. The company still provides its users with a manual to help them out. This can be referred to in case of any issues.

If you still have any questions in your mind. Then the company has both a helpline as well as a live customer service. They are instructed to help out the users with any questions that they might have regarding the products sold by this company. This should help you out in most cases.


The antenna uses new technology that allows the mounting to work on most surfaces. This helps users to attach the antenna in any place even inside their house. Furthermore, the best feature of this antenna is the new technology that it uses. This is utilized to enhance the usual UHF signals that these antennas receive.

Additionally, this is all done while the device is still receiving VHF signals. You can even customize the antenna to provide direct HD channels. The broad coverage of this antenna allows users to catch on signals even when they are at a notable distance.

The signals are also at high strength even when you are out in the woods. This makes it easy to get a stable signal, which results in watching your television without any problems.

Aside from this, another great thing about these antennas is that it is extremely light in weight. This means that you can carry it around and install it on your vehicle without any trouble. Another thing to note is that there will be almost no pressure on the part of your vehicle where you decide to install this.

This is quite useful because antennas that weigh a lot can sometimes end up damaging your vehicle. The design on this antenna makes it look really sleek. Due to this, it will look good on your vehicle and match it. The color on it is also white so it will match up with any color that you have.

Worth It?

The only downside for this antenna over others is that it has a little less coverage than some other options in the market. Additionally, the mount on it is designed to place in a way that it can move around at 90-degree. This can be troublesome for some users but might not be a problem for others.

However, these downsides are mostly covered when you consider how low this device costs. Considering all of this, if you have a tight budget then King controls jack antenna is one of the best options that you can purchase.

It has amazing features and you should definitely give it a look. However, if you have no problems with the price then there are other antennas that can perform better than this.

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  1. I purchased a king jack hdtv rv antenna,less than a year when I sent my first email to customer service,no reply couldn’t find it,sent second reply a little after our year was up,That antenna failed before the year so customer service said couldn’t find your first email can’t help you over a year,The antenna is JUNK, pulled in a few channels but not like expected.The customer service said over a year can’t help you,and asked how much did you pay for it,I told him and he said (wow did the over charge you),thanks for being so understanding King Jack.Beware of the customer service.


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