3 Ways To Fix Winegard RV Antenna Leaking

winegard rv antenna leaking
winegard rv antenna leaking

If you enjoy watching shows and movies on your television at home. Then you know that you have to install a cable modem box or receiver.

These will then catch on to signals from the antenna or directly use coaxial wires to provide you with their services. Similarly, companies have manufactured antennas that you can plug on your RVs.

These allow you to get access to shows even while you are out on your trip. This ensures that do not have to miss any of your favorite movies and you can have a relaxed experience.

Winegard is one the best companies that manufacture these products. Although, some people have recently been complaining that their Winegard RV antenna is leaking. If this happens to you as well then here is how you can troubleshoot.

Winegard RV Antenna Leaking

  1. Lubricate System

If you have been using the antennas for some time. Then you should note that Winegard provides their users with a manual along with the product.

This contains all the information about keeping it maintained so that there are no problems with it. Going through it should help you prevent and even fix any issue that you are having.

Additionally, all the models of antennas from the company have variating procedures and fixes. This is why it is so important to consult the manual. Although, if you have lost it then you can visit their website to download another one.

The product uses small rings and seals all around it. You can find the location of them in the manual. This can then be used to lubricate these. If you forget to do so, then your antenna will get loose over time which makes it leak during rainfalls.

  1. Tighten Screws

Sometimes the screws on the antenna can start to come loose with time. Alternatively, you might have recently installed the device and kept them loose so that there is no damage to it. If the antenna is too wobbly then it will cause water to pour into the vehicle through the small spaces between it.

Considering this, you should tighten up the screws on your system to ensure that the seals have no space between them. This should most likely fix the issue that you have been getting.

  1. Use Sealant

If your antenna is still leaking then there might be a gap between the connection. In this case, you will have to use a sealant while installing the antenna to fix its position.

This will help you in keeping the antenna fixed in one place. Many companies manufacture these sealants and you can easily get them from a store nearby you.

You can even get a waterproof sealant that can be applied on surfaces. These are better than regular ones because they will last you an even longer time. If this does not work then your antenna might have become damaged.

You should contact the support or take your antenna to a dealer. This will help you in getting it repaired as soon as possible.

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