3 Common Winegard Amplifier Problems Troubleshooting

winegard amplifier troubleshooting
winegard amplifier troubleshooting

Going out on camping trips with your friends and family can be a lot of fun. However, you should keep in mind that if you intend to stay on your trips for a long time then you must have an RV or motorhome. There are numerous benefits that people are provided with on these vehicles.

Although, you should note that these mostly depend on what company you are getting your RV from. Aside from this, some people enjoy watching television shows which makes them annoyed when going on trips.

However, companies like Winegard have come up with antennas that allow you to watch television even while you are in an RV. There are also numerous devices that you can select between which makes them even better.

Although, keep in mind that there are some problems as well that you can run into when using these antennas. We will be using this article to talk about some common issues that can be found in the Amplifier from Winegard along with its troubleshooting steps.

Winegard Amplifier Troubleshooting

  1. Coaxial Cable Damaged

Before getting into what problems, you can get and how these can be fixed, keep in mind that the amplifier or also known as a signal booster is installed in the antenna itself. Considering this, if there are any issues with the amplifier then there is a high chance that these might be caused by your antenna. Additionally, the troubleshooting steps for the amplifier are also quite similar to the antennas.

Though, one of the main reasons why you might run into problems with the signal booster can be due to the coaxial cable. The power supply installed in your vehicle will run power straight to the amplifier through this cable and then help the device in performing properly. However, if the coaxial cable starts to come off or gets damaged. Then the amplifier will have trouble getting all the current and start to run into problems.

This is why the first thing that you should check is the coaxial cables in your vehicle. Make sure that these are tightly installed and do not have any damages on them. Sometimes routing the cables with a lot of bends in them can also damage the insides. If this happens then your only option will be to replace the wire with a new one. Keep in mind that most cables with damages in them will have cracks or cuts on them which makes them easier to distinguish.

  1. Check Power Supply

Another common reason that can stop the amplifier in your vehicle to stop functioning can be due to the power supply going bad. The PSI unit for your antenna is responsible for powering up the device. Considering this, if this starts to run into problems then your entire device will also stop working. Although, when it comes to fixing the PSU, you can only check if the issue was from your main outlet or not.

Try using a voltmeter to test all the sockets in your vehicle, you can then move on to testing the current coming out from the PSU. If the outlets were broken then you can simply replace them with new ones. Although, if the PSU unit itself has gotten damaged. Then the only way to get it replaced is by contacting the support team for Winegard. Make sure that you give them detailed information about your issue. This will ensure that you get the replacement parts as soon as possible.

  1. Check Fuse

Finally, if you have checked the antenna and its amplifier carefully but all the parts look perfect to you. Then the issue might be from your vehicle instead. One method that has already been mentioned above is to check the outlets in your vehicle. However, in some cases, the issue might not be from these being dead.

Alternatively, the problem might be from the fuse in your outlets blowing. These protect the devices connected to the socket by cutting off the connection in case of any fluctuations in current. While there is no way to fix the blown fuse, you can easily replace these with new ones to start using the socket again. Just make sure that you purchase a fuse that has the same current ratings on it as your previous one.

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