3 Ways To Fix Electric Tongue jack Not Working

electric tongue jack not working
electric tongue jack not working

Having an electric tongue jack will make it easier for you to stabilize the trailer. You won’t have to crank it manually like before. After installing the electric tongue jack, you can just flip the button up to extend the jack and flip the button down to lower it. You won’t have to use any force if the jack is installed properly.

However, sometimes things will not work out like they are supposed to. Campers have complained about having issues with the electric tongue jack. Pressing the button on the electric tongue jack will not do anything. This is why we will be covering some solutions for this problem.

How to Fix Electric Tongue jack Not Working?

  1. Ground the Current 

If the electric tongue jack is not retracting or extending then you might have a grounding issue with the device. Depending upon the model of your device, different factors can cause this problem. If the transfer of power is not smooth then your electric tongue jack won’t work. So, to provide a smooth flow of current you will need to properly ground the current.

To verify whether or not you have a grounding issue, you can take the exposed end of the grounding wire from the battery pole and then touch it with the metal foot. If the electric tongue jack starts working at this stage, then you will be sure that your device is not working because of a grounding problem.

Now, to fix the grounding issue you will need to check the rust and corrosion between the contact points. These contact points include the A-frame along with the bolts on the coupler. Make sure to remove any rust and corrosion from these points and then put the electric tongue jack back into place.

The extra layer of rust and corrosion can interrupt the flow of the current. You can use grinding paper to clean the rust layer. After removing the layer of rust, everything should start working perfectly.

  1. Check Inline Fuse

Another possible reason for this problem can be the inline fuse between the battery and the electric tongue jack. Now, in some models of this device, a common issue was reported where the fuse would become loose and the power flow gets interrupted. You can simply reconnect the fuse in the wire loop and the device should start working if the fuse is not blown.

If you’re running into this problem frequently then you should try replacing the fuse wire with the newer version that screws the fuse into place. You won’t have to worry about losing connection with the new fuse loop.

However, if the electric tongue jack is not working even after checking the fuse connection, then the fuse may be blown. If that is the case, then you will need to replace the blown fuse to get the device working again. There are no other methods that can be used to fix the blown fuse.

The good thing is that the fuse replacements are not that expensive. Moreover, the overall procedure to replace the fuse is quite simple. So, you won’t have any trouble changing the inline fuse if it is blown.

  1. Check Battery & Capacity

The electric jack relies on your battery for power to operate. If the power flow is not sufficient then you won’t be able to use the electric tongue jack. Even if the light on the jack is lit, that does not mean that the electric jack has enough power to operate.

The indicator light on the electric jack requires very little power to light up. So, you will have to use a multimeter to check the voltage across the terminals and the connectors. Try changing the power source to verify whether or not the problem is related to the battery.

If the battery is working fine then it is probable that you’re putting too much load on the electric tongue jack. It should be kept in mind that the load on your trailer should be less than the recommended capacity of the electric jack. Otherwise, this device won’t work at all.

An emergency crank can also be used to extend or retract the electric jack depending upon the brand or model of the device that you’re using. So, if you’re stuck in a sticky situation then use the manual crank and get help from a mechanic afterward.

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