Can You Pressure Wash an RV Rubber Roof?

Can You Pressure Wash an RV Rubber Roof?
Can You Pressure Wash an RV Rubber Roof?

Can You Pressure Wash an RV Rubber Roof?

Every RV owner wants to properly care for their motorhome or trailer, keeping it looking new for a long time. Pressure washing is not recommended for motorhomes and trailers, because it can damage the fiberglass, as well as the decals. Likewise, pressure washing can damage the seals and caulking around your RV windows. If you pressure wash your RV, you could accidentally force water inside, or even removing the decals.

One place you can pressure wash sparingly is on a rubber roof. In fact, some RV rubber roof cleaning products recommend power washing the roof before you recoat it. You can also pressure wash to remove stains on your roof. However, you must be careful not to go overboard and damage your roof. Do not pressure wash around the vents, antennas, solar panels or the air conditioner.

Make sure your pressure washer is set on low; pressure washers set at 1300 psi should be OK, but pressure washers can be as high as 3000 psi. Make sure your pressure washer is set low.

The Best Way to Wash Your RV, Including the Roof

The best way to wash both the body and roof of your motorhome or trailer is with a soft-bristled, long-handled brush. You can get one with a collapsible handle, that’s specifically made for washing an RV. You can also get collapsible buckets, which are easy to store.

Use a mild soap or fiberglass cleaner to wash the body of your RV; another great product is RV Wash and Wax. This product both cleans and waxes the body of your motorhome or trailer in one step. However, If your RV has a lot of mud or bugs stuck to it, wash that off first, then follow up with RV Wash and Wax.

Washing the Rubber Roof

Rubber roofs are durable but they can be damaged by certain products. Never use an abrasive cleaner, an acidic, or citrus-based cleaners, or anything that has petroleum distillate. Only use a rubber roof cleaner.

The first step is to climb up on the roof and sweep off any debris. While you’re doing this, inspect the caulking for cracks.

Next, rinse off the roof with a hose to get it wet. Then spray the rubber roof cleaner on the roof, and scrub it down with your long-handled brush. Do a small section at a time, using a circular motion. Rinse off the cleaner as you go. Be very careful not to slip and fall off the roof; it’s a good idea to wear your sneakers for this job.


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