13 Common Tiffin Allegro Red Problems (Troubleshooting)

tiffin allegro red problems
tiffin allegro red problems

Going out on trips is one of the best recreational experiences, especially when family and friends are involved. For such trips, motorhomes like Tiffin Allegro Red are suitable as they provide sufficient storage for luggage and travelers. It’s a great vehicle, but it can still show some errors.

Tiffin Allegro Red Problems

1. Knocking Sounds Coming From The Engine

Knocking Sounds Coming From The Engine

The most common problem is with the engine. The engines require regular maintenance because, without proper care, the engine’s longevity and performance will be impacted. For instance, the regular consumption and processing of fuel clog the engine, which is why regular oil changes are required. Depending on the mileage of your motorhome, the oil change must be completed on time.

In addition, it’s important to use high-quality oil and fuel in Tiffin Allegro Red to prevent additional issues. If you don’t know how to check the condition of engine oil, remove the long pin from the engine, and get the oil changed if it seems dirty. Keep in mind that the knocking sound is a serious issue, and it’s essential that you immediately change the oil whenever you hear such sounds.

2. Functionality Issue With Furniture

Functionality Issue With Furniture

Another common problem is that Tiffin Allegro Red’s furniture can get damaged easily. If you are having problems with your chairs or sofas, the only thing you can do is to replace them. If the motorhome is in warranty, there are high chances that Tiffin Motorhomes’ official customer support will offer free repair and replacement, depending on the severity of the issue.

3. Blocked EGR Pipes

The EGR pipes are the exhaust gas recirculation pipes, and they are prone to clogging. In addition, the associated pipes and valves get clogged with residues and oil as well, which leads to an on-screen warning. To remove the warning from the screen, it is important to block off the pipework with replacement pipes or metal plates, but you must remember that it’s a temporary solution.

To properly fix the problem permanently, you need to get the pipes cleaned and modify the pipes to prevent further clogging and enhance efficiency. In the majority of cases, the clogging is caused by a damaged EGR solenoid valve, and replacing it will improve the fuel economy as well as the driving experience.

4. Condensation


Condensation is one of the most reported problems when it comes down to Tiffin Allegro Red. This condensation can result in mold development in bed, walls, and insulation, which will be nearly impossible to remove. The only solution is to clean the bathroom whenever you use it and try not to use the shower.

5. Electrical Faults

Electrical Faults

Electrical faults are common in every vehicle, including the motorhome, and it actually shows a warning sign. The majority of electrical faults in this motorhome are caused by the worn-out earth strap. To check the earth strap, you have to check between the chassis (it’s placed behind your air filter) and the gearbox . If the earth strap seems worn out, replacing it will resolve the problem.

The worn-out earth strap can lead to various problems with the wiring and electrical outlets, which is why immediate replacement is suggested.

Secondly, if the power outlets are not working, there are chances that it’s not getting sufficient current. To be sure, connect some other device to the same outlet and see if it works. If the other device doesn’t work either, the outlet has to be replaced.

However, it is suggested to hire a professional electrician to change the outlet and check the surrounding wiring as well, but make sure that he has experience working with the motorhome.

6. Coolant Leaks

Coolant Leaks

A radiator is one of the most important components of the motorhome since it keeps the vehicle cooled down during traveling or driving. The radiators are filled with coolants, which are distributed across the system to keep everything at an optimal temperature. However, the coolant often starts leaking, which results in overheating of the engine and the entire motorhome.

The leaks are usually caused by a damaged radiator. The radiator is located on the bottom side of the vehicle, and with constant contact with the road, it gets damaged. So, to fix the coolant leaks, the only solution is to replace or repair the damaged radiator.

7. Kitchens Are Difficult To Use

The kitchen is extremely small in the motorhome, which makes it challenging to cook food freely. In addition, the sinks are too small, and the countertops aren’t big enough to prepare food. In simpler words, there is not enough space in the kitchen.

As far as the solution is concerned, it’s suggested to use smaller dishes and make sure only one person is using the kitchen at a time. Moreover, you could try preparing the food in the lounging area to save yourself a headache.

8. Hard To Tow

Since Tiffin Allegro Red is a class A motorhome, it’s common for it to cause towing issues. In particular, people have a hard time handling the motorhome while towing the vehicle. To make sure the towing goes smoothly, it is better to use a rear track bar. This is because a track bar will provide control over the maneuverability and can assist in making wide turns on the road.

9. Steering Wheel Issues

Steering Wheel Issues

The steering wheel is one of the most critical components of the motorhome since it helps drive the vehicle. This motorhome is notorious for steering wheel wandering. Generally, it happens when the rear axles and front axles shift from side to side.

To fix the problem, you must get a programmable tracking module as it helps fix the shifting of the axle, leading to better control and handling. In addition, it is suggested that you reduce the weight in your motorhome because it also impacts the performance of axles.

10. Front End Sagging

The front end of the motorhome sags when the airbags are damaged or the coil springs are fatigued. Since airbags cannot be repaired, the only choice is to change the coil springs and make sure they aren’t used beyond their capacity. In addition, you can use a front helper spring as it helps optimize the steering geometry and make sure the motorhome is straight.

The best thing about the front helper spring is that it prevents the chances of bottoming out. The helper spring is installed on the top of the leaf springs located on the back of the motorhome and works with the stock spring pack. It helps increase the load rating, so you will be able to carry heavier loads in the motorhome in addition to fixing the sagging.

11. Water Leaks

Water Leaks

Water leaks are an absolute nightmare for motorhomes, but it’s also a common issue. This is because the adhesives and sealants crack out with the constant motion of the vehicle and age. Keep in mind that it can lead to dry sealant cracks as well, resulting in damage to delicate components, short-circuit, and rusting of the metal fixtures.

In most cases, the water leaks are caused by the overhead water tank, taps, and showers. In simpler words, it can be challenging to locate the root cause of water leaks on your own as the piping system is quite complex.

For this reason, you must hire a plumber to fix the water leaks by locating the damaged pipes and fixing them. However, while you are waiting for the plumber, cut off the water supply to your motorhome by disconnecting the water tank.

12. Hot Water System Problem

The motorhomes are designed with cold water and hot water connections. However, Tiffin Allegro Red often runs into a problem that prevents the hot water flow in the taps.

There are different points in the piping that regulate the hot water system, which is why the entire system has to be diagnosed. In the majority of cases, fixing the heating element or thermostat of the water system will resolve the problem.

13. Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

On an annual basis, the air conditioning system loses 30% to 50% of the refrigerant, which means it can directly impact the quality of cooling in the motorhome. So, when your motorhome starts showing air conditioning issues, you must get the system re-gassed, and the refrigerant level should be optimized.

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