3 Ways To Fix Motorhome Electric Step Won’t Retract

motorhome electric step won't retract
motorhome electric step won’t retract

Motorhome or also known as the motorcoach is a recreation vehicle (RV). It offers its users to live in a mobile accommodation. These vehicles usually provide the capacity for 2 or even up to 8 people to sleep. On top of having a place to sleep, these also provide a place for people to cook and a portable toilet.

Even though it can be quite fun living in these vehicles while going out. Sometimes you might run into a problem which can be quite annoying. Considering this, some motorhome users have reported that their electric step won’t retract. This can be frustrating and may also make the user tensed. However, we will use this article to provide you with some ways you can troubleshoot.

How To Fix Motorhome Electric Step Won’t Retract?

  1. Check Override Switch

The electric step on RV’s is usually designed to close on their own once the doors are closed. These doors and the vehicle have a magnet placed in them which allows the electric steps to close once the magnets have aligned.

These vehicles have an override switch built into them which allows the stairs to remain open while the vehicle is parked. To fix your vehicle check if that switch has been accidentally turned on. If in fact, that is the case then switch is a button to the auto position and that should allow your vehicle to retract the doors back in again.

  1. Check Rocker Switch

If the vehicle you are using is an old one then it might not come with the automatic step retract feature. For these vehicles, you will need to look out for the rocker switch. Make sure that this switch is working without any problem.

Additionally, check that it is providing your vehicle with enough power to retract and extend the stairs when you press the button. If it is not working then try reconnecting the cable firmly because it might be loose.

  1. Re-Align the Screws

One other reason for your steps to not retract can be that the nuts on your motor have come slightly loose. This causes them to mess the alignment which will in short make your vehicle have trouble trying to retract the stairs. This can be a little hard to fix as it is a little tricky to line up the bolts and nuts perfectly with the motor.

However, if you are up for the task then start by removing the bolts off the motor. After this align these screws perfectly up with the motor. Then screw them in, this should now make your steps work perfectly fine just like before. If you are unable to do this on your own then you can also ask a friend to give you a hand.

Alternatively, you can take your vehicle to a mechanic who should be able to set the alignment on your motor back again. Lastly, he should also be able to check if there is some other issue that might be causing this problem and will fix that as well for you.

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