4 Common Ford F150 EcoBoost Towing Problems (Troubleshooting)

ford f150 ecoboost towing problems
ford f150 ecoboost towing problems

The Ford F-150 EcoBoost is a popular truck in the United States that allows you to transport your other vehicles easily. Owning a vehicle that allows you to tow other vehicles will make your life easier and help you save money in emergencies. Additionally, towing a vehicle can be handy if you’re on the way to purchasing a new one.

Unfortunately, you can run into trouble when you use a Ford F-150 EcoBoost to tow another vehicle. There’s no foolproof way to tow your other vehicles, so you must stay prepared for specific situations. The good news is that fixing your common Ford F-150 EcoBoost towing problems will be easy.

Please continue reading to learn about the most common issues you can experience with your Ford F-150 EcoBoost when towing other vehicles. In addition, we will teach you how to fix these problems to help you out in a pinch.

Ford F150 Ecoboost Towing Problems

 1. Hitch Setup

Hitch Setup

The most common issue people encounter with hitch setup on a Ford F-150 EcoBoost is the height. You must keep your towing setup at a specific height to safely tow any vehicles behind your truck. Otherwise, you could encounter several dangerous situations or traveling mishaps while towing these vehicles.

Your hitch setup can be too low or too high as it relates to your ball height. Check your user manual to ensure you have the proper setup while towing. This manual often has visual instructions to fix your situation easily.

How To Identify

cause an accident on the road

The easiest way to identify whether or not your hitch setup is aligned properly is to check that your hitch clicks down into place. If you don’t hear a click when you press down on the device, it’s misaligned, So you’ll have difficulty towing anything behind your truck. Whenever you tow something, you must ensure that all connections are secure before driving.

Failing to secure your towing setup can cause an accident on the road that could lead to injury or death. Always be safe and check to ensure everything clicks into place before you start your vehicle.

How To Fix

install your trailer hitch properly

Fortunately, you can easily fix your hitch setup without visiting a mechanic if you have a slight misalignment in your hitch because you haven’t put the device together properly.

  • Adjust the hitch to the ball height on your vehicle
  • Insert your device into the whole
  • keep pressing down until you hear a clicking sound
  • if you hear a click, everything’s secure
  • If you don’t hear a click, keep adjusting until you do.
  • Look at the reference photo in your user manual and compare it to the real-life figure.

This is one of the most common issues people face whenever they tow anything behind a vehicle. It can be a learning curve to install your trailer hitch properly, but once you get it, it’ll be easy. You won’t keep struggling with your device as you get used to it.

2. Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure

Your tire pressure can greatly affect how easy it is to tow vehicles behind your Ford F-150 EcoBoost. This problem typically happens if you have a tire hole or are driving during the winter. Seasonal changes can affect your tire pressure even if nothing’s wrong with the tires themselves.

How To Identify

Identifying whether or not you have low tire pressure is one of the easiest parts of resolving any towing issues. You might notice that your trailer doesn’t stay in the lane behind you if you have bad tire pressure in any of your tires. You may also notice that your vehicle feels abnormally sturdy while you drive with low tire pressure.

If you’re unsure of what your PSI is on your vehicle, you can check the dashboard settings to see an accurate number. This is the quickest and easiest way to check your tire pressure while driving. If you notice that your tires are low, then you must stop and refill them.

How To Fix

pressure gauges

Tire pressure issues are some of the easiest to fix because you can experience them on any vehicle, and tire repair services are readily available. It would be best for anyone who owns a vehicle to keep a tire inflator in their vehicle. Keeping one of these pressure gauges in your vehicle allows you to pull over and refill your tires whenever necessary.

If you own a Ford F-150 EcoBoost, you should also keep an emergency supply of tire sealant in your vehicle. It’s common for people to run over screws and nails while driving, and they need to patch up these holes if they get a flat tire. If you drive too long with the hole in your tire, you may need to replace your tire.

If your tire is destroyed, you should replace it entirely so you can drive on the road comfortably. You don’t want to keep moving when you have a tire that doesn’t work anymore. It would be best to keep at least one spare tire to stay prepared if you run over something that destroys your tire as you drive.

3. Mismanaged Weight

Mismanaged Weight

whenever you tow a vehicle behind your Ford F-150 EcoBoost, you must ensure that your weight is distributed properly. If you don’t have your weight distributed right then, it can cause all sorts of issues while you tow your vehicle. The last thing you want to worry about is accidentally causing an accident due to mismanaged weight.

Your user manual will come with a guide to let you know how much your Ford F-150 EcoBoost can toward any given time. Never exceed this weight to ensure that you stay safe on the road and don’t get pulled over.

How To Identify

looking at the vehicle you're towing

You can identify whether or not you have mismanaged way by looking at the vehicle you’re towing and your Ford F-150 EcoBoost.

If you notice you have more objects in one part of either of these vehicles, you need to distribute them differently so that you have equal weight on every side. Your user manual will teach you how to manage the weight in your vehicle so that you can safely tow it.

How To Fix

The easiest way to fix a weight distribution issue is to purchase a vehicle scale to see which vehicle is causing the problem period you need to manage the weight in your Ford F-150 EcoBoost and the vehicle you tow behind it. If too much weight is on one side of the vehicle, it can cause all sorts of issues while driving.

You may notice that your vehicle wants to pull to one side more than the other as you drive with a weight mismanagement issue.

4. Maintenance Issues

Maintenance Issues

You must take care of your Ford F-150 EcoBoost if you plan to use it for towing. Every vehicle you purchase requires maintenance, like oil changes and tire rotations. However, whenever you purchase a vehicle for towing, you must stay on top of these maintenance situations, or you could end up in a dangerous scenario.

How To Identify

Regular oil changes are the most common maintenance requirement people fall behind on whenever they own a vehicle. If you go to an oil change company, they will leave a sticker on your windshield that tells you when you should get your next oil change. Follow those guidelines to ensure that you change your oil frequently and avoid mishaps.

checking your dashboard often

You can also identify maintenance issues by checking your dashboard often. Your Ford F-150 EcoBoost will alert you whenever it’s low on fluids or if you need to fill up your tires. You must pay attention to your tire PSI and other regular maintenance requirements to tow vehicles safely behind your Ford.

How To Fix

The only way to fix common Ford F-150 maintenance issues is to stay on top of basic vehicle maintenance. Get your oil changed often and check your tires to ensure everything’s running properly. If you notice that your engine isn’t running the way it used to, you should take your Ford F-150 EcoBoost to a car shop for assistance.

Signs You Should Visit a Mechanic for Towing Issues

Signs You Should Visit a Mechanic

Unfortunately, there are some Ford F-150 EcoBoost towing problems that you can’t resolve on your own. It would be best to take your vehicle to a mechanic for assistance if you feel like you can’t handle the problem independently.

For example, some maintenance jobs require they take off large parts of the vehicle before completing the labor. You’ll need to take your vehicle to a mechanic in this situation.

Final Thoughts

be best to visit a mechanic

Even though the Ford F-150 EcoBoost is an excellent vehicle for towing, you can encounter issues if you don’t take care of it. It’s important that people who tow vehicles behind their trucks pay attention to their tire PSI and other regular maintenance scenarios.

If you have a low tire PSI, then it will be hard to control the vehicle you’re towing behind your Ford F-150 EcoBoost.

If you attempt all of our troubleshooting methods and you still have trouble controlling your towing vehicle, it would be best to visit a mechanic for further assistance. They can diagnose and treat any problems you have while towing vehicles with your Ford F-150 EcoBoost.

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