3 Common Ford F150 EcoBoost Towing Problems (Troubleshooting)

ford f150 ecoboost towing problems
ford f150 ecoboost towing problems

Ford is a famous brand known for manufacturing vehicles as well as their engines. These are considered to be some of the best ones around that usually last people a long time. The company has recently launched a new lineup of engines that are provided as a replacement for their standard V8 model. These EcoBoost engines provide almost the same power as the prior but they save you a lot of fuel.

This makes them a better choice if you want to go out for longer trips. This is exactly why people using recreational vehicles and trailers decide to go for this engine. While these are some of the best ones around, you can still run into a few problems with them. We will be using this article to provide you with some common problems that you can get on the Ford F150 EcoBoost while towing and ways to fix them.

Ford F150 EcoBoost Towing Problems

  1. Tire Problems

The first thing that users should note if they get any issues while towing their vehicles is the pressure rating in their tires. This is important because if there is even a single tire that has different PSI in it then you will start feeling sway on your trailer.

You should take your vehicle to a workshop nearby where they can fill up the air in your tires. Alternatively, if you have an air compressor at your home then it can be used as well. Although, you should keep in mind that you do not overfill the air in these. This is because both a lower or too high PSI rating can affect the condition and lifeline of your tires.

Consult the manual provided to you by your tire’s manufacturer to check what the recommended pressure rating is. You should also get the alignment on your vehicle checked from the shop. These can easily get misaligned which ends up giving people a lot of trouble. The procedure takes a few minutes or an hour at most so it is worth it to get them aligned as well. This will ensure that your towing problems are not related to your tires.

  1. Adjust Hitch and Ball Height

If you are still getting towing problems on your Ford F150 engine then there might be a problem with your configuration. The setup for hitches can get complicated on chassis that have this engine. This is why it is recommended that you go through the procedure carefully. Usually, companies provide people with an instruction list that they can follow around.

Although, if you are still getting problems then some important things should be noted. First of all, make sure that the hitch on your vehicle is correctly adjusted according to the ball height. If you are confused about the current insertion hole, then you can try connecting the hitch to the next hole instead.  Secondly, you will have to use the hook on your trailer and attach it to the ball.

This should click down and get locked if you follow the procedure carefully. This is why you must hear the clicking sound so that the system is locked down. Finally, give both the trailer and your vehicle enough space between the connection so that the chain can move freely and does not get stuck. This should fix most problems with your towing.

  1. Distribute Weight Evenly

The hitching system on these vehicles requires people to distribute the weight evenly on their vehicle as well as the trailer attached. You can follow the weight rating provided by the system to avoid most errors. Although, sometimes the user might still feel like their vehicle is not driving smoothly. This is why people need to get the weight of their vehicle checked from an electronic scale.

You can then order additional metal bars and install them on your trailer. This should distribute the weight on them evenly so that there are no further issues. If you are confused then ask some expert for help. They should be able to guide you throughout the procedure and even distribute the weight for you. You can then keep it adjusted so that there are no problems with your towing again.

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