3 Hercules Trailer Tire Problems Fixing

hercules trailer tire problems
hercules trailer tire problems

If you are someone who enjoys going out on long camping trips with your family and friends. Then there is a high chance that you already own vehicles like motorhomes and RVs. These come with numerous features that all ensure that their users have a fun experience while they are traveling. This includes having lots of storage that you can keep your luggage in.

The user no longer has to worry about the space in their vehicles being limited. Additionally, you have tons of appliances installed in your vehicle that you can use even while you are out on your trip. With that being said, one issue that people run into with their vehicles is with the tires. When it comes to these, one of the most used ones is the Hercules trailer tire. Considering this, if you are running into any problems with them, then going through this article should help you in getting rid of these.

Common Hercules Trailer Tire Problems

1. Check Air Pressure

The most common problem that people run into with the tires on their vehicle is with the air pressure on it. While traveling at high speeds, you will notice that your trailer starts to sway around. This can be quite annoying as well as dangerous. Considering this, some users might ignore the issue and slow down their vehicle to prevent it from swaying. Although, you should note that getting sway issues on your trailer is mostly caused by the air pressure in your tires being low.

This is why you must keep a check over what PSI rating the wheels in your vehicle are running on. As soon as you notice that these have started to go low. Make sure that you get them filled back up again to the recommended levels. This should only take a little time and your problem should then be gone. With that being said, the main issue that people report with this easy procedure is that they find it annoying to keep a check over their tires. Keeping this in mind, another solution that you can go for is getting yourself a pair of wheel sensors.

Many companies manufacture these products and you can either purchase them from a store or order them online. Make sure that you check the specifications on these carefully before getting them to avoid any issues. Once you have these wheel sensors installed on your vehicle. They will keep you notified about the pressure rating your tires are on at all times. Additionally, you should hear an alert every time the wheels start to go lower than a specific value.

2. Tires Running Out of Air Frequently

One issue that you can get on your trailer tires from Hercules is that the wheels start to run out of air quite frequently. This can be annoying to deal with as you already had your tires filled up with air but they ran out after some time. Although, this issue usually indicates that there is something wrong with your wheels. Either there is a puncture on them or the nozzle that is keeping them airtight is loose.

You can start by tightening the nozzle to see if that fixes your problem. If not then you will have to take off your wheel and test it for any punctures. These can easily be fixed on your own if you have a repair kit with you. Although, if you do not then you can take your tires to a workshop nearby. The team there will ensure that all the punctures on your tires are fixed so that you can continue using these without any further problems.

3. Worn Out Tires

Finally, there is also a chance that the Hercules trailer tires on your vehicle have now worn out. This is quite common and with time these tires have to be replaced with new ones. The most common indication of worn-out tires is that you will still get problems even after trying the steps mentioned above. Additionally, the texture on your wheels should now have smoothed out. Furthermore, these wheels already have mileage on them which indicates how long they will last. Once this period has passed, you should replace all of the wheels on your vehicle with new ones.

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