Hercules Trailer Tires Review 2021- Worth It?

hercules trailer tires review
hercules trailer tires review

You might own a trailer or RV that you use for camping. On top of keeping all the right equipment with you during your trips. It is also essential that you keep your vehicle well maintained.

Talking about this, you should make sure that you buy the best tires that you can for your trailer. Using tires of low-quality brands can sometimes put you in a lot of trouble. This is because these will get worn out really fast and might even end up getting punctured during your trip.

You might be wondering which brand to choose from as there are various famous companies known for providing amazing tires. One such company is Hercules Tires. It is among one of the leading markets that supply tires. These are manufactured by Cooper Tires who is also known for providing tires to some private brands all around the world.

If you are confused and can not make up your mind about purchasing these tires, then here is a review about it. This article contains all the information that you might need and should be able to help you to decide.

Hercules Trailer Tires Review

Why Purchase Hercules?

The company manufacturing these tires has now been in the market for almost 60 years. Along with that, it is known for the quality of its tires which gives you a great experience while driving paired with an extremely affordable price range. There is a massive lineup of these tires that covers almost the entire market.

These include all types of vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, Sedans, RVs, and even trailers. While most premium quality tires might provide excellent performance and road grip while driving, their price will always be up the roof. However, Hercules maintains a balance between the quality and price of their products and you can even select a tire depending on your budget.


All the tires made by Hercules have different features that have been integrated into them depending on the type of vehicle that you are using. These have patterns, edges, and grooves designed into them which provide your trailers and cars with improved handling and road grip.

This means that even if you are driving your vehicle in a mountainous region or a slippery road, your tires will still be able to maintain a grip on the road.  This is a really important factor to be considered if you are going to use these tires on a trailer because you will be using the vehicle for long trips.

Additionally, the tires use a layer of silica gel that is infused into them to reduce the overall friction that your vehicle produces while driving. This low resistance ensures that your vehicle will consume less fuel and, which makes these really fuel-efficient. You should also know that after using these tires, you will notice the improvement it provides yourself. This will help you in feeling comfortable about your tires.

Customer Satisfaction

The standard tires that this company provides give up to a warranty of 85000 miles. This might vary depending on the model of tire that you are selecting. Although, it is to be noted that this is quite a large figure.

Most tires sold by other companies don’t even last this along but Hercules ensures that if their tire wore out before the provided mileage. Then they will look into the matter and might even provide you with a replacement that is free of cost.

The replacement is only made if your tires become completely unusable and cannot be repaired even before hitting the 50% range of the mileage provided. Additionally, the company has also provided everyone with a return policy. This works for up to 30 days and if you are unsatisfied with the performance of your tires. Then these can be returned to the store that you got them from and exchanged with a model that is of comparable price.

Hercules is a great company and it is one of the best options for you if you are looking out to purchase tires for your trailer. On top of the most positive feedback that it has received from its users, the company is still working on improving its products. You can even visit their official website and take a look at all their products if you are interested.

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