Hercules Trailer Tires Review 2022- Worth It?

hercules trailer tires review
hercules trailer tires review

People who are fond of camping and traveling often own an RV or trailers. However, using high-quality tires is important as these vehicles are heavy, and tires must be strong enough to bear the load. For this purpose, Hercules trailer tires are widely used, but it’s important to determine if these tires provide value for the money or not.

Hercules Trailer Tires Review

Why Purchase Hercules?

The tires are manufactured by Cooper Tires, and this company has been manufacturing tires for over six decades. It is known for the quality of its tires, which gives you a great experience while driving, and it’s paired with an extremely affordable price range. There is an extensive lineup of these tires, which means there are tires for various motorhomes and RVs.

In addition, they have tires for Sedans, SUVs, trucks, and trailers. There are premium tires as well with better road grips and exceptional performance, but they are more expensive. However, the majority of tires are high-quality yet affordable, so you can find what suits your budget.


All the tires made by Hercules have different features, depending on the type of vehicle they are intended for. Different tires have patterns, edges, and grooves designed into them, which leads to improved handling and stronger road grip. Similarly, these tires are enough to support the vehicle on slippery roads and mountainous regions.

Additionally, the tires use a layer of silica gel, which reduces the overall friction that your vehicle produces while driving. This low friction ensures that your vehicle will consume less fuel.

Customer Satisfaction

The standard tires sold by the company come with a warranty of over 85000 miles. However, the warranty time varies with every tire model, but it’s always reasonable. There is a return policy available, which can be claimed 30 days after the purchase. In addition, the users can also exchange the tires for newer models or models that are better suited for their vehicles.


Hercules tires are known for the affordable price, but there are no compromises on the quality either. The quality of tires is essential for a comfortable driving experience and sustainable outcomes, and their tires promise such an experience.

The tires are designed with reasonable adhesion on the road as they are meant to offer a firm grip. In addition, these ties help keep the vehicle stable on every road surface, which also improves the steering performance and braking.



Hercules tires have sporty designs and are actually very affordable. When compared to other treads in the market, these tires are substantially cheaper.


Hercules intends on covering the full-range market offering, which is why they have tires available for different vehicles, including Sedans, SUVs, light trucks, trailers, and crossovers. In addition, there are various all-season and all-year tires available to fit the vehicles.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency

The tires are designed with silica-infused gel in the tire/tread material, which helps reduce the friction between the road and the tire. In addition, it reduces the rolling resistance, which helps reduce fuel consumption. Having said that, all Hercules tires are enough to optimize fuel consumption.


Hercules tires are designed with a fine combination of proper design and advanced technology, which leads to durable tires. For instance, the tires are designed with semi-solid central rubbing, which is meant to deliver even stability. In addition, the tires wear down evenly, promising a longer lifespan but you need to ensure that the tires are well-maintained.


The tires are designed with a high-end design element which improves the traction and handling performance on different road surfaces. Every tire is integrated with biting edges, asymmetrical tread patterns, grooves, and siping to improve the handling performance on difficult roads and during sharp turns and maneuvers.

Higher Safety Standards

Safety is one of the most important aspects of every vehicle, and Hercules promises to deliver highly safe tires. This is because the tires are rigorously tested for different surfaces and situations to make sure the end customer doesn’t have any problems. Moreover, their radial tires are exceptionally durable and are designed with high-quality materials.


The tires are designed with grooves that help evacuate as much water as possible to ensure a tight grip with grip. In addition, these grooves allow the tires to operate well on wet roads and snowy roads.

The Best Hercules Tires For Trailers

Hercules Raptis R-T5

This is known as one of the most performance-based tires and is designed with the all-season tread material. It has a high-silica tread compound, which improves the road grip.

In addition, it promises a cornering grip for spirited driving and can be used in mountainous regions where the braking distances aren’t very long. The tires are designed with exceptional wet traction, which means the driver has higher control over the trailer.

There is hydroplaning resistance in these tires to make sure there is full control over braking, power controls, and steering. It is integrated with CoolCourse technology that optimizes the tire’s performance even when there are freezing conditions. However, these tires don’t work well on ice and snow as the braking is impacted. The tires have a 45k mile warranty, which is pretty reasonable.

Hercules Power STR

For everyone who needs a high-end set of tires for the trailer, this tire is a promising choice. These tires are designed to offer outstanding performance at an affordable price range. Hercules Power STR tires offer a capacity of over 3,900 pounds per tire, which is pretty great.

The tires have asymmetric tread patterns that improve the road grip and traction. As a result, it will be easier to handle the trailer. Overall, it is a budget-friendly tire set with reasonable performance.

Hercules All-Season Tour 4.0 Plus

If you are in search of budget-friendly tires for the trailer with high-end functionality, these all-season tires will be a suitable choice. This is because these tires work great on different surfaces, including dry, wet, and light-snow surfaces.

In addition, the tires have a silica-enhanced compound which improves the traction and performance on wet and slippery surfaces. The tires are extremely durable because of the asymmetric tread design and sidewalls.

Hercules Terra Trac M/T

This set of tires is suitable for people on a budget and if they need tires for off-roading. The tires are designed with an advanced Hi/Lo tread design, which is combined with siping to offer an exceptional off-roading experience.

Moreover, these tires promise superior handling on different surfaces. There are scallop tread blocks that help keep away the mud to make sure the driving is smooth.

Hercules Power Trailer Tire ST205/75R15

These tires are suitable for low-platform trailers and promise an exceptional driving experience, irrespective of the road’s conditions and load. The tires have large and small grooves to keep the water at bay, leading to the improved traction. In addition, they have a radial anatomy, which means that they will last for years without any performance issues.

It’s safe to say that these tires can resist flat spots regardless of how long the trailers are parked. Hercules has integrated a center groove design for higher stability. All in all, it’s suitable for low-profile trailers and can be used off-road as well but make sure the trailer has an effective suspension.

Hercules Radial Trailer Tire ST175/80R13

These tires are particularly designed for boat trailers, and with the 13-inch rim, they will perfectly fit. Similarly, it can be used with utility trailers and cargo trailers as well. These tires have a weight capacity of 1360lbs.

The best thing about these tires is that they don’t overheat, irrespective of the hauling capacity. Moreover, it has a lower rolling resistance that improves fuel efficiency, and there is a central groove for better stability.

The Bottom Line

Hercules tires are one of the best choices for different vehicles, particularly when there is a tight budget. The tires are high-quality and perform well, which means they are pretty reliable. All in all, these tires provide value for the money.

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