3 Common Newmar Comfort Drive Problems Troubleshooting

newmar comfort drive problems
newmar comfort drive problems

Most camping enthusiasts own large vehicles like motorhomes and RVs. The main reason behind this is that these come with numerous features on them. Additionally, their huge size makes it comfortable for people to move around in them.

Although, one thing that you should keep in mind is that the features of your vehicle will be determined by what model you bought.

The company and lineup of vehicles you are driving matter a lot when it comes to their performance. This is why you must go through the details of a motorhome before purchasing it. Newmar is one of the best brands that you can get, their vehicles even have the feature comfort drive on them.

However, there are also some issues that you can run into with it. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a list of common problems that can be found on the Newmar comfort drive along with ways to fix them.

Some Newmar Comfort Drive Problems and Their Solutions

1. Comfort Drive Not Working as It Should

The comfort drive system installed in Newmar vehicles allows people to get the same handling on their motorhome as they would on a regular car. The feature is not exclusive to this brand and you can find it on some other popular lineups from other companies as well. With that being said, it can still be amazing to drive a large vehicle like these and still retain a lot of control over them.

However, one common issue that many people have reported running into is that the comfort drive feature is not working as it should. You might think that the device is broken or there is a problem with the backend. Although, there is one easy fix that you can try instead. Many people have reported that only taking off the device and then connecting it back in fixed their issue.

Considering this, you should try this as well to see if your problem is resolved. The main reason why you were getting a problem can be that your wirings might be loose. This is quite common and people might not properly install the device on their vehicles. Keeping this in mind, you should understand how essential it can be to carefully go through the installation procedure.

Aside from this, another thing that you should be aware of is how to notice if the comfort drive feature is not working correctly. In most cases, the steering wheel on your motorhome should be smooth even when going at slow speeds. If it is not, then there is a high chance that your equipment is not working properly.

2. Plug Under Dash Not Connected

Another common issue that many people using this device have run into is that there is a plug under their dashboard which is not connected. You can check this under your dash to confirm if you have the same issue.

If you do then this means that your comfort device is not connected properly. Many people have reported that their device still works fine even without the plug attached. Although, the company suggests that this should be installed from their backend.

Considering this, if the plug is not connected to your vehicle then you should take it back to your dealer. This is essential as there is a high chance of the equipment failing while you are driving.

Additionally, you cannot plug this on your own as there are some configurations that the company has to make when installing it.  Make sure that you contact the support team for Newmar and then take your vehicle straight to them as soon as possible.

3. Drive Is Not Comfortable

If the drive on your motorhome is still not comfortable even going through all the steps mentioned above. Then you can try adjusting the levels on this device. These go from one to five and all of them have different resistances on them.

If you are still having issues then the problem might be from your vehicle instead. Make sure that you check the steering fluid levels on your motorhome for this. Aside from this, the tires also play a huge role in the driving experience of your vehicle. Make sure that these are filled with air and replaced on time.

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