How Much Trailer Sway Is Normal? (Explained)

how much trailer sway is normal
how much trailer sway is normal

Going out on trips for camping and hiking can be fun. Sometimes you might even think about taking your family and friends with you. This can make you get an even better time.

Although, when there are a lot of people going out for a trip. You might start to run into problems with the storage. This is because there is a limited space in your truck or car that can be utilized.

This is why people decide to purchase trailers for themselves. These give you a much larger space to store up all your items and you can stay relaxed while traveling. Additionally, you won’t have to think about how much equipment you can take with you.

How Much Trailer Sway Is Normal?

If you own a trailer or camper then you should already know that these need to be attached to a vehicle. You can then pull them using your car or truck and take them with you on your trip.

Usually, hitches are used to connect these vehicles. Although, you should note that these trailers will sway a little while you are driving.

Considering this you might wonder how much of this swaying is normal. The short answer for this is that it depends on what type of hitch you are using. There are many different types of hitch that you can install on your vehicle.

Most of these can be adjusted through different methods. Usually, a little sway is normal although, if you feel like your trailer is swaying a lot then you should get this problem fixed. Driving around a vehicle that sways around can be really dangerous.

What to Do?

The first thing to get rid of most sway problems is by adjusting the hitch you have installed on your vehicle. If the connection between them is loose then screw down the connectors to ensure that there is no problem with them.

Aside from this, another thing to note is the weight distribution between your vehicles. If your trailer has a lot of weight on a specific side then it will get really hard to control.

This is why people use metal bars in their vehicles to control the distribution of weight in them. You can either install in metal blocks or bars, as well as keep your equipment well spread to ensure the weight is equally spread out.

If you feel like your vehicle only starts to sway when you are driving at a high speed then it is better to slow down a little. Most trailers cannot withstand high wind pressures hitting them.

Additionally, you must make turns at slow speeds. This is because steering rapidly can result in your trailer becoming unbalanced. Lastly, most trailer manufacturers provide their users with a list of products that can be used to connect their trailer with the vehicle.

Considering this, you should use a hitch that is supported by your trailer and vehicle to connect them. You can also check online by searching for your vehicle to find the supported devices.

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