Steer Tires vs Drive Tires – What’s The Key Difference?

steer tires vs drive tires
steer tires vs drive tires

If you are a camping enthusiast then there is a high chance that you already have a motorhome or trailer. This is because they must carry a lot of equipment with them. These large vehicles provide them with enough space that they can store all of this without any worries. Additionally, you get access to outlets that can be used to power up all of your electrical appliances. Although, most of the features aside from this are determined by what brand of motorhome you have.

This is why you must select a good company so that your vehicle lasts you a long time. One thing that you will have to replace from your vehicle with time is its tires. When purchasing new wheels, you will notice that there are different types of these products. Most people get confused between steer tires vs drive tires which is why we will be using this article to talk about the matter.

Steer Tires vs Drive Tires

Steer Tires

The tires on your vehicle are no doubt one of the most important things on it. This is because without them you cannot move your motorhome. Additionally, having any issues with your tires is easily noticeable as the performance of your vehicle is affected. Considering this, you must keep them in check at all times. Usually, ensuring that your tires are kept at the recommended pressure ratings will help you in preventing most issues on them.

However, when the air starts to leak a lot or if the tread on your tires is completely worn out then you will have to replace these. Steer tires on a vehicle are the ones that you install on its front. This is also known as the steer axle that you use to change your motorhome’s position. These tires have to be extremely durable and provide you with a unique tread design that will push water away from them.

This allows you to have a comfortable and smooth ride even when you are driving in heavy rainfall. Additionally, some companies also ensure that your vehicle keeps a good grip on the road while you are steering at high speeds. This can be quite helpful as it prevents people from running into dangerous situations. If you are getting confused between which tires are steer tires and which ones are drive tires then you can simply ask the store clerk to help you out. As for online stores, these should have the type of tire listed under the specifications section.

Drive Tires

The drive tires on a motorhome are another important type that is installed on the torque or drive axles. The main job of these wheels is to maximize the level of traction for your vehicle. The companies mainly ensure that these tires will keep traction over various types of surfaces. Considering this, the wheels help your vehicle in staying stable while you are traveling at high speeds. Without these, there is a high chance of your vehicle slipping or getting sway when you slightly move the steering wheel.

All of this is also maintained by providing the tires with a unique tread design. One other thing that you should know about is that some companies have also come up with all-position tires. These have all the features of these two types of tires and you can install them wherever you want. Although, the performance for them is not as good as installing the drive and steer tires in their correct position. Now that you understand all this, you should note that the position for these wheels can also be switched but it will not be as amazing.

If you are interested in purchasing these then make sure that you select a good brand. The company manufacturing your wheels is more important than what type of tire you install on your motorhome. This is why you should do proper research on the brands and what size ratings will work best for you. Checking for clearance is also important as many people select a higher rim rating than what would fit on their vehicle. Finally, make sure that you check reviews and forums for a brand before purchasing their tires.

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