Cummins x15 vs ISX15: What’s The Difference?

cummins x15 vs isx15
cummins x15 vs isx15

Having a motorhome or recreational vehicle can be necessary for people who enjoy going out on frequent trips. These allow them to have a lot of storage so that they do not have to worry about taking limited equipment.

Though, you should note that numerous other features come with these vehicles as well. These include having a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom which make you feel like you are taking your home with you.

Considering this, people who either want to stay for a long time or users who want to take their family with themselves will purchase these vehicles. Talking about this, the engine in your motorhome is one of the most essential parts that you need to look out for.

Cummins is a famous company that manufactures these and two of their best engines are X15 and ISX15. If you are someone who is confused between these two models, then here is a comparison to help you in selecting one of them.

Cummins x15 vs ISX15

Cummins ISX15

The engine in your vehicle is among the most important parts. This is because it is directly responsible for the performance of your motorhome. Talking about this, the ISX15 model from Cummins is one of the best engines that you can get. The equipment runs on diesel which ensures that you will get an amazing mileage on your vehicle.

Additionally, there are several variants for the product which you can choose from. While the overall build for them is the same, there are minor tweaks done on the engine which are made specifically for certain vehicles. Considering this, you can go through the details of these variants to find the best one for your motorhome.

The horsepower on this engine varies from 550 to 600. Additionally, it has a total torque of up to 1950 pounds. Keeping this in mind, the user should not have much trouble driving around their vehicle even while it Is under a lot of loads. You should also not feel much difference in performance when carrying weight on your vehicle.

Aside from this, the engine has numerous other features included with it but there are some issues as well. Most of these are related to the camshaft which can prevent the flow of oil in your engine. Though, the company recommends that if your vehicle starts to run into these issues then you get the camshaft replaced with a new one. In some cases, the user might even have to get their rockers replaced if these have gotten damaged.

Cummins X15

While the ISX series used to be the most popular choice among people when it came to engines for your motorhome. The company has stopped manufacturing the lineup for a few years and has now come up with a new model. This series is known as the X lineup and has several models that you can go for. The X15 in general is considered to be the best engine that you can purchase.

This is a direct upgrade from the previous ISX15 model. Additionally, the company is still rolling out new versions of the X15 after every few years. These are equipped with newer features as well as ensure that the user does not run into any problems. Even the mileage that you will get on your vehicle has been improved.

When comparing the two models, you will notice that Cummins X15 can get a 20% fuel economy improvement. Aside from this, the camshaft problems that users had reported on ISX15 have now been fixed. You will also notice that the cleaning intervals for your DPF system have now been improved. The user is now able to push out their vehicle to 800,000 miles before requiring a cleanup.

Additionally, as for the oil drainage, you should now be able to run your vehicle for about 50,000 miles. However, these values might differ depending on how you drive your vehicle. The results are taken as an average and if the user drives around their vehicle under speed limits then these should apply to you as well. In the end, if you are considering purchasing one of these engines, then the best option for you should be the Cummins X15.

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