3 Ways To Fix Onan Generator Fault Code 32

onan generator fault code 32
onan generator fault code 32

Having a generator will save you in case of a power outage. Aside from this, if you own a recreational vehicle then these devices are almost a necessity.

While that usually depends on how many appliances you want to power up on your vehicle. Having one will be most likely essential for everyone. You can even purchase a smaller generator if your usage is really low.

But the features on the device will be dependent on the model you select. Talking about this, Onan is a famous company that manufactures these. The best thing about them is the fault codes they provide.

This makes it easier for you to identify the exact reason behind the issue so that you can fix it. We will be using this article to provide you with some solutions if you get the Onan generator fault code 32.

Onan Generator Fault Code 32

  1. Check Oil

The first thing that you need to check when you receive this error message is the oil quantity in your generator.

You should already know that these devices require fuel that is burned to provide you with electricity. Sometimes even if the device is not completely out of oil, it can still stop functioning once the quantity falls under a certain threshold.

This is why you must keep the fuel in your generator filled at all times. You can even check this by dipping in a stick in the tank. This will show you how much fuel your device currently has.

Although, this method is only required if you cannot see the fuel from the top. Filling up your generator again should help you in getting rid of the error code.

  1. Check Battery

If your device has sufficient oil then the next thing that you need to check is the batteries. The error code usually refers to either one of these things. Your batteries are most likely having trouble trying to kick start the generator.

You can even test this by manually starting up the device. Start by checking the condition of your battery.

If the water level on it is really low then you will have to fill it up again. Aside from this, batteries require a regular cleanup, this is because small layers of oxide form over them.

The only way to clean these off is through warm water and a little scrubbing. This should most likely fix the problem you were getting.

  1. Re-Plug Control Panel

Sometimes your generator requires a reboot just like computer systems. This is because these have a control panel on them which works the same as your computer. Taking it off and then plugging it back in should fix most problems regarding error messages on these devices.

This why you should give it a try. If you are confused about these then you can easily consult the manual to see the location for the panel. It should even guide you through the process of taking it off and then plugging it back in.

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  1. I have Onan 5500 gold marquee generator with a 32 code . I changed oil and filter , spark plugs , all fuel lines and fuel filter . It wants to start but won’t. And yes I have spark. Also cleaned carburetor. Any suggestions ???


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