3 Common Xantrex Freedom 458 Problems (Troubleshooting)

xantrex freedom 458 troubleshooting
xantrex freedom 458 troubleshooting

Camping enthusiasts go out on trips to dangerous areas and enjoy staying for several days or weeks at times. Although, most people want to go out on trips during their vacations and have a memorable experience. This is why most of them want to have access to electricity at all times. They can charge their mobiles, cameras and use electrical appliances even when they are out camping. This lets them make videos and take pictures, allowing them to capture moments.

Although, before going to a camping park where you have electrical outlets that you can connect your RV to. You must have a good inverter charger as well. The Xantrex Freedom 458 is one of the best chargers that you can install on your vehicle. Although, you can still get some problems with these. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some common issues that can be found on the Xantrex Freedom 458 along with troubleshooting steps.

Xantrex Freedom 458 Troubleshooting

  1. High Battery Shutdown

One great thing about the Xantrex Freedom 458 model is that it comes with a control panel. In case of most issues, you will be alerted to the system. You can then consult the manual to provide you with reasons that might be causing the problem. This narrows down the troubleshooting steps making it easier for people to fix the inverter charger.

One of the most common problems that people get on their devices is that the AC in and FAULT lights will be lit. If you check the manual then this refers to a high battery shut down. The fix for it should be that you have to check what power source the inverter is connected to. If you were running your appliances on your battery then the problem might be from it.

You can take readings from the terminals using a voltmeter. The values should normally be above 12 volts. Considering this, if you notice any amount lower than this then there is something wrong with your batteries. Make sure that its terminals are cleaned properly as these can sometimes get covered with oxide layers.

This will prevent current from flowing through the wires and into the battery, giving you low voltage. While you should be able to clear this off using a cloth. In some cases, the layers of oxide can get stuck if they have not been cleaned in a long time. You will have to pour warm water on the terminals to help in removing these. Once done, make sure that your battery has sufficient water to continue using the inverter without any further problems.

  1. Inverter Not Working

Sometimes the user might notice that current is flowing to their inverter but it is still not working. You can try checking all the outlets in your vehicle that are connected to the inverter to confirm if all of these are off. If they are then the most common reason for this problem is the circuit breaker in your inverter charger.

This will trip if it notices any fluctuations in current which saves all the appliances in your vehicle from getting damaged. Although, once this happens, there is a high chance that the fuse in your breaker has burned along the trip. Considering this, you can try enabling the circuit breaker again from the control panel to see if your inverter starts working. However, if it is not working then you will have to replace the fuse from your circuit breaker. These can be bought easily from most electrical stores.

  1. Electrical Issues

In some cases, people might notice that their entire inverter has stopped functioning. You will not even be able to access the control panel. If this happens then the electrical wirings for your inverter might be damaged. These can also come off sometimes which is why you will have to carefully check them.

Make sure that you switch off your vehicle and its main power before testing the cables. You should be able to access the wires by opening the main panel of your inverter. Make sure that you connect all the cables that have come off in the right spot and replace the damaged ones. Doing this should fix your problem, allowing you to continue using the inverter again.

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  1. Turned off breaker to replace hot water heater . when I was finished turned breaker back on. Now my 12 volt things work but my 110 does not. Tried the breaker switch several more times but still no 110.


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