Frost King Heat Cable Not Working: 3 Ways To Fix

frost king heat cable not working
frost king heat cable not working

It is not rare for the water lines to freeze up if you live in a colder region. So, to access the water supply you need to first heat the waterline. To do this, you can use a Frost King heat cable along the waterline and it won’t let your water line freeze up. If you keep running into freezing issues then you should also buy this cable.

However, to get these cables to work, you have to install them correctly. If you are having issues with the Frost King heat cable not working then following these methods.

Frost King Heat Cable Not Working

  1. Check Installation

This installation for the Frost King heat cable is very easy but you need to install the cable in the correct place for it to work properly. If you have not installed the cable in the correct position then your pipes will freeze up.

So, to avoid this you should follow the owner’s manual and install the heating cable on the bottom of the horizontal pipeline.

Similarly, in the vertical pipelines, you need to install the heating cable to the side that is more exposed to the cold weather. Other than that, you can simply attach the wires with the help of electrical tape or any other adhesive.

Doing that will maximize the exposure of water inside the waterline with the heating cable. So, if you have installed the cable correctly, follow the mentioned procedure and put the cables in the correct position.

  1. Check Power 

If you have installed the cable correctly then you may be having issues with the power supply. The cables need to have a constant power supply to work properly. So, if the power from the unit is not according to the requirements defined in the user manual, then you will keep running into issues with your heating cable.

To verify, you can use a multimeter or other voltage measuring devices to check the power output from the source. If the reading on your device is below the defined limit on the owner’s manual, then you need to do something about the power source if you want your heating cables to work properly.

  1. Damaged Cable

If the power output from the source is according to the requirement of the cable, then it may be that your cable is damaged.

In which situation, you will need to get the cable replaced. Start by inspecting the cable for any physical damage. You can isolate the problem with the use of a measuring device on your cable.

If you can’t find any power then the cable has gone bad and you will need to buy a new one. You can also claim the warranty if it is valid and you made this purchase recently.

Most of the time, the issues with the heating cable are related to power output or faulty installation. But if that is not the case with you then, you will need to buy a new heating cable as your current one has gone bad.

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