9 Common Winnebago Trend Problems (Troubleshooting)

winnebago trend problems
winnebago trend problems

Purchasing an RV is one of the most significant investments anyone can make other than buying a traditional home. Most RV enthusiasts will spend countless hours studying every detail of their potential RV to understand exactly what they are purchasing.

Part of this process is to identify any common issues that have been associated with the vehicles. Therefore understanding the potential problems with the world-renowned Winnebago Trend series of RV is vital for many potential buyers.

This article has collated all of the most common and severe issues associated with this model in order to best inform buyers of precisely what they should look out for.

Troubleshooting Winnebago Trend Problems

1. Propane Feed Tube

Propane feed tube

The gas supply in the Tren Winnebago is a crucial component for several kitchen appliances. Depending on the configuration, it can be the power source for everything from the stove and oven to the refrigeration unit and heater.

Unfortunately, it is a crucial and highly versatile fuel that is highly flammable and potentially toxic for humans to consume. Therefore, the Trends association with a faulty hose connection is highly concerning for a number of their loyal customers.

Effectively, several concerns have been raised regarding the frequency of the propane feeder hose leaking throughout the Trend range. There appears to be a defective connective latch which is of low quality and prone to coming loose.

The most effective means of eliminating this issue is to replace the connecting latch with an alternative model. This has been proven to be the most effective means of resolving the issue immediately and permanently.

2. Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher RV

Although it is a rarely experienced problem, when it is noticed, then it is during a dangerous situation. Fire extinguisher malfunction is a serious and highly concerning issue with life-threatening consequences.

The primary complaint regarding the extinguisher is that during use, the ignition button breaks too easily, which snaps the spout. It renders the extinguished almost inoperable, which can literally be fatal. The only straightforward and practical approach for an owner is to replace the extinguisher, ideally before they ever have to use it.

3. Corrosion

Corrosion RV

Like every vehicle on the road, corrosion is one of the most significant long-term enemies of these beloved vehicles. Corrosion or rust is like cancer on a vehicle. If it is not addressed as soon as it has appeared, it will quickly spread and eventually destroy the crucial structure of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the Ford base of the Winnebago is renowned for premature rusting even in dryer climates. This is serious for buyers as it is a clear indication of the lack of longevity of their treasured investment.

The only effective means of dealing with this issue is to tackle the rust as it appears, which is predominantly on the underside frame to begin with. Each spot of rust is an ignition point for more to grow, so it must be dealt with properly.

4. Brake Fluid Leak

brake fluid motorhome

A concerningly common issue with the 2014 model of the Winnebago Trend series is a break hose splitting and causing excessive leakage and compromising the braking integrity. There have been so many complaints regarding the leaking brake fluid it is thought that the source of the problem is an installation error.

Several mechanics and owners have speculated that one of the robotic sequences used to manufacture the engine bay may be responsible for grazing the brake pipe and ultimately causing it to leak prematurely.

Be sure to inspect the brake pedal and have a reliable mechanic replace any potentially damaged element. Compromised breaking is not something to be toyed with.

5. Tire Pressure Sensor

Tire Pressure Sensor

The Winnebago Trend is equipped with a number of state-of-the-art equipment designed to make driving easier, more efficient and more relaxing. An element of this is an integrated tire pressure monitoring system which will inform the driver of the precise pressure of each tire at any moment.

This is a highly useful feature which is excellent at identifying slow punctures which potentially blow a tire at high speed. It is also necessary for RV owners to be fully aware of the tire pressure depending on the changing weight of the vehicle and the dynamic terrain they are exposed to.

However, some issue with this feature has been highlighted. In simple terms, there appear to be a number of defective sensors that are not reading the pressures accurately or on an ongoing basis.

More significantly, there is a federal law that requires vehicles to have this sensor functioning at all times to prevent potentially fatal road accidents. Therefore, these defective sensors are a serious issue for a new or secondhand buyer. Therefore, it is imperative that these sensors are replaced as soon as possible.

6. DeadLock


As part of the Winnebago’s comprehensive package, there are key onboard safety features. One of the more frustrating elements of having a home on wheels is the tendency for thieves to target RVs. To combat this, the manufacturers have installed a deadbolt system on the door as an added layer of dependable security.

Unfortunately, there has been a universal complaint regarding the quality of these deadlocks, which are renowned for sticking, becoming misaligned and seizing after only a year or so of use.

These are well-integrated mechanisms which are difficult to replace. Even more concerningly, it has caused some customers to become trapped out of the living quarters of their RV, which is not ideal on a relaxing trip away.

7. Airbag Activation

Airbag Activation

Modern vehicles have an airbag system incorporated into the inner workings of the cabin. Like many other vehicles, there is an airbag activation switch that controls the system on the passenger side of the vehicle. Unfortunately, however, there have been issues with the console of this lifesaving system.

Customers have noted that the activation light, which indicates the airbags are primed, will turn on and off intermittently without instructions. This is clearly a potentially fatal error which should be addressed immediately. Without proficient airbag deployment, it could threaten the life of the passenger during a crash.

Additionally, customers have noted that there is a defective wiring issue which may be the cause which requires an automotive technician to address. Ideally, the second buyer should take it to their local mechanic straight after purchase to ensure that the wiring is secure.

8. Solar Panel Fuse

Solar Panel Fuse

Certain configurations afford some high-powered solar panels to be installed on the roof of the RV to generate power off-grid to power the onboard leisure batteries.

This is becoming an increasingly popular trend within the RV industry which is beginning to adapt to more dynamic uses of these vehicles. However, there have been some serious installation problems with these electrical components.

Fuses are a rudimentary but highly effective means of protecting cables from overheating and catching fire. Essentially they are designed to break a circuit should a current be too strong and overheat over a cable which is not thick enough to handle the power.

However, these vital safety feature does not appear as a standard element of the installation of these panels. The cable which takes the energy from the panels and into the charge controller does not have a fuse in its linkage.

Therefore, some customers have noted that on particularly sunny days, this cable can potentially overheat and catch fire or become so hot that they burn the conduit they reside within. Ultimately, the most effective method of resolving this issue is to manually install an appropriotly rated fuse.

9. Battery Life

Battery Life Camper

Like many modern RVs, the Winnebago Trend has onboard lithium-ion batteries installed to store and transport energy to be available at all times. A new wave of battery technology has afforded far greater longevity and power to the average RV owner, who has massively improved the injury’s rising demand.

Sadly, the quality of the Winnebago Trend’s is up for debate. Many customers have stated that they die prematurely even with light use and do not offer the appropriate Watt-Hours necessary for off-grid functionality.

The only resolution it to replace these cumbersome and very expensive lithium-ion batteries with ones of a higher capacity. This is a significant investment which should be seriously considered before an investment into this RV range is made.


Winnebago Trend

Winnebago is a world-renowned brand name that is associated with comfort, luxury and longevity. However, selling such a vast array of vehicles will inevitably produce regular problems that can be associated with their ranges, like the Trend series.

There are a number of potentially fatal issues addressed in the above article, which should be carefully reviewed and understood by any potential buyer.

Although every manufacturer and vehicle will have common issues, it is vital that they are fully appreciated before such a substantial investment is made. However, after review, you will be furnished with the necessary knowledge to make the most informed decision.

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