3 Common Winnebago Trend Problems (Troubleshooting)

winnebago trend problems
winnebago trend problems

If you are a travel enthusiast then you might have purchased an RV. The Winnebago Trend is one of the best RVs made by this company. This vehicle uses a gas engine that is quite powerful. You can easily travel through different areas using this RV while staying in comfort at all times.

All the models provided by this company use stylish chassis on them which makes the vehicle look very good. On the front of this RV, there are swivel cabs installed. These are really relaxing and the person driving this vehicle will be comfortable throughout their travel.

Even though this is a really amazing vehicle, the Winnebago Trend still has some problems. We will be telling you about some common problems that you might get and how to fix them.

Winnebago Trend Problems

  1. Engine Problems

While driving your RV chassis, you might notice that there are startling sounds coming from the engine. This will usually indicate that your engine is running into problems. There are quite a number of problems that you might get. However, the first thing you should be checking is your engine oil.

Check the oil to see if it has started to get thick and dirty. Usually, the engine oil needs to be monitored and changed on time frequently. This is when your vehicle is used regularly. Although sometimes when you keep your vehicle parked in for a lot of time. It will also make your oil get thicker. If that is in fact the case then you need to replace your engine oil.

Aside from this, the flywheel on your vehicle might also be causing the sound. This is a rare issue, but people have still been reporting that the flywheel on their Winnebago Trend has gotten damaged. You should remember that it is never a good option to drive your vehicle while the engine is having any problem or making sounds.

This is because the engine on your vehicle might get seized. If it does then you will have to get your entire engine replaced with a new one. To get your flywheel fixed, you will have to claim the warranty on your vehicle. Alternatively, take your vehicle to a workshop. Replacing the flywheel is a really technical job and you will not be able to do it on your own.

  1. Storage Problems

The Winnebago Trend is a vehicle designed to perform as an RV. It is not actually an RV and you can tell that from looking at its size. Although, this might be great for a lot of people that they can move around comfortably in such a small vehicle.

They are bound to run into problems with their storage. The small design of this vehicle makes it so that you cannot store a lot of items in it. If you are going alone or only two people are going then this storage might be enough for you. However, if you plan to go out with your friends and family and are worried about the storage being so low. Then it is recommended that you purchase a trailer. You can easily get a covered trailer that will protect all your items from rain or dirt.

The sizes for these trailers range from smaller ones to quite bigger ones. It is up to you to decide which size you are most comfortable with. Your vehicle can then easily pull around the trailer carrying all your stuff around with it. This should be able to fix all your storage problems easily.

  1. Chassis Batteries

The batteries on your vehicle are bound to die at some time. These can easily be replaced with new ones. But the problem is that most people have trouble trying to figure out where the batteries are located exactly. You can use your manual for help on how to remove the battery and find them although it is a really simple process.

The batteries are located under the chassis of your RV. This is quite a unique spot and might also be annoying to reach down to. However, you can easily take the old batteries out by going under your vehicle and then replacing them with new ones. If you feel hesitant to change the batteries on your own then you can contact a mechanic to replace them for you.

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