3 Common Winnebago Era Problems (Troubleshooting)

winnebago era problems
winnebago era problems

Winnebago is a famous company that has been known for manufacturing RVs and motorhomes for its users. All the lineups from the company are equipped with different features. This is why you must go through these before selecting a vehicle for your use. One of the top motorhomes from Winnebago is the Era lineup.

The chassis used for it is from Mercedes which is paired up with tons more services as well. You can even attach a trailer to your motorhome without much trouble. The built-in tongue can pull on a maximum of 5000 pounds.

While the Winnebago Era is amazing, there are still some problems that you can get on it. We will be using this article to provide you with a list of some common problems that can be found along with their fixes.

Winnebago Era Common Problems

  1. Battery Not Working

One common problem that most Winnebago Era users have reported is that the battery in their vehicle does not work once the motorhome has been delivered. You should note that the device might not be charged.

Additionally, it required you to fill it up completely with water before the battery can start charging. Considering this, you can take off the nuts from your Winnebago Era’s battery and fill it up. Now charge it completely from an external source before you plug it back in the motorhome.

This will ensure that the battery starts working without any more issues. Though, some people have reported that the battery does not even work after this. The only reason for this can be that the battery in your vehicle has died. You will have to get it replaced with a new one to fix the issue.

Winnebago provides its users with a warranty service that can be claimed in case of problems like these. They should most likely be able to provide you with a replacement battery if an error like this occurs.

  1. Satellite Issues

The Winnebago Era comes equipped with a satellite on it. This allows you to watch television shows and movies even when you are out on a trip. Though, a common problem with the satellites on this motorhome is that they can stop working. Several things can cause this problem but the first one that you should be checking is the connections for your device.

These might have gotten loose or some screw might have fallen. Tightening these up should fix most problems with the satellite. The next thing to check if the problem persists is your receiver. This should be updated along the satellite to ensure they are running the latest firmware. If the software versions for these devices are not compatible then problems like these can occur.

This is why it is important that you run an update on your receiver or manually install the latest firmware on it. Once this has been done, ensure that both of your devices have been paired up with each other. The position for the satellite and receiver also plays a huge role in the performance you will receive.

  1. Check Refrigerator

The refrigerator is another important piece of equipment in a motorhome. These are required almost all the time. Though some common problems have been reported with refrigerators in the Winnebago Era.

If the device is simply not powering up then there might be an issue with the connections. You can try changing the outlets and see if the wires are not loose. Additionally, sometimes the fuse might require a replacement. Though, if the problem is from the internal parts of your refrigerator then there is no way to fix them.

You will have to contact the company directly in this situation. The warranty service is usually enough to cover most issues similar to these. Another thing to keep in mind is that some of the equipment that has been installed on the Winnebago Era can be faulty at times.

Before trying to fix the problem on your own you should contact the company instead. The warranty services are enough to cover your repairs and even provide you with free replacements for some equipment. You can go through the guidelines in detail if you are interested in them.

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