Why Does My RV Fridge Keep Shutting Off? – 3 Possible Causes

why does my rv fridge keep shutting off
why does my rv fridge keep shutting off

People all around the world enjoy going out on camping trips with their loved ones. These let them explore new areas while also making new memories. Although, some enthusiasts enjoy staying out on these trips for a much longer time. This is why they purchase motorhomes that come with numerous features. These are all designed to keep campers at ease while they are traveling. This includes having numerous furnished rooms that you can stay relaxed in.

Additionally, you get to use electrical appliances even while you are traveling. While some devices are just to keep you entertained, some appliances are required. Talking about this, having a fridge in your vehicle can be necessary if you want to stay out for a long time. Though, there are some problems that this device can run into. One common issue being reported is that the fridge keeps shutting down. This is why we will be using this article to help you in fixing the issue.

Why Does My RV Fridge Keep Shutting Off?

1. Electrical Problems

Having the ability to use electrical appliances in your vehicle even while you are traveling can be amazing. Although, you should note that there are also lots of problems that you can run into. Though, there are numerous reasons why these issues can happen. This is why it is important that you first identify the exact reason before the problem can be fixed.

Talking about this, one of the most common reasons for an issue like this is that there are some electrical issues in your vehicle. You can start by taking off the power cable for your fridge and then connecting it back in. If it starts working then the problem was simply from loose wiring. Though, if the problem is still there then you should check your outlets.

There is a high chance that there might be something wrong with these. Keep in mind that checking electrical wirings can be quite dangerous. This is why you should ask a professional to do this for you instead. Although, if you understand how these work then you can start troubleshooting the device. Use a voltmeter to take readings of your socket.

Comparing the results with standard voltage should help you in confirming if there are any fluctuations. Simply changing the outlet with a new one should fix the problem. But make sure that you do not plug your fridge back into the same socket.

2. Batteries and Generator

Motorhomes have limited power, unlike your home. Considering this, the appliances in your vehicle are powered up using batteries or a generator. This is why you should always keep a check over the power being used to prevent any issues. If you notice that the fridge keeps switching off then your main power might be getting overloaded.

Simply removing some of the excess devices should help in taking off some of the pressure. If your problem is fixed then it was from the generator or battery not being able to handle all of this load. You can install an additional battery or purchase a new generator with more power to fix your problem long term. However, as for now, you shouldn’t overload your device again as this can damage it.

3. Contact Your Dealer

Finally, if you are still getting the same issue then either the appliances or main power in your vehicle is faulty. Check if all the other devices in your vehicle are working fine or not. If all of these are running into the same problem then your main power is to blame. However, if only the fridge has this issue then this might be faulty. You can contact your RV dealer and report the problem to them.

Make sure that you do not leave out anything important. They will then look into the issue to find what exactly is causing it. If your vehicle was still under warranty then your dealer should fix the problem for free or even provide a free replacement. However, if you have run out of your warranty then you will have to pay for both the repairs as well as labor. In case you had bought your fridge from a third-party store, contact it instead of your dealer.

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