9 Ways To Fix Truma Water Heater Problems

truma water heater problems
truma water heater problems

For people who frequently travel in RVs, the availability of hot water is no less than a blessing. Truma brings a number of water heater models that ease you with washing hands, dishes, and even showering, thus making access to hot water a simple matter.

There are different categories of Truma water heaters that can run on gas, power, or diesel, each varying on the grounds of the kind of vehicle you own and your personal water requirements.

People who love to explore more remote locations can get the most from gas RV water heaters. They heat up your water in no time and save you the waiting hours. On the other hand, electric RV water heaters are easier to use besides their extraordinary ability to maintain the water temperature for a long time.

However, it can get really unpleasant if you hop in the shower and there is no hot water. Nobody wants to bring a frustrating halt to their trip in case of their Truma water heater problems. This article addresses those prominent issues and mentions simple solutions to avoid disruption.

How to Fix Truma Water Heater Problems?

1. Asses The Relief Valve

A relief valve is one of the most critical components installed in your water heater. However, a lot of customers complain about this relief valve leaking. If you’re stuck with a similar problem, then it is going to help if you check the water pressure.

Additionally, you should also check for damages in the relief valve. It has been seen that a high water temperature can cause issues in the relief valve.

Start by checking the pressure regulator installed in the main water line. You have to reduce the pressure in order to fix the problem. However, if your valve is defective and damaged, the issue won’t be resolved until you replace the relief valve with a new one.

A little bit of water dripping from the first few seconds of the cycle is very common. Still, if you’re getting continuous water flow from this valve, then you should also reduce the temperature inside your heating unit.

That way, you can maintain steady water pressure in the unit, and no water will leak into the relief valve. If you don’t know how to fix this issue yourself, then ask Truma Support.

2. Check The Heat Source

Check The Heat Source

An issue with the heat source can stop the process of heating the water, thus filling the tank with cold water . Even if the water heater is running, you will still get the same supply of cold water in your kitchen and other parts of the motorhome.

In electric water heater, it can be the result of failure in heating elements. Another reason could be a damaging impact on the electrical connection.

On the other hand, problems with pilot light and gas connection in gas water heaters can give rise to a faulty heat source. Check the pilot light. If you see it is lit but without the ignition, it is clear that your burner is out of order and needs repair.

If you don’t see any of these signs, make sure that the unit is turned on. Afterward, you need to check the status of the gas inside the tank. If the gas tank is not filled, you should try replacing the tank connected to the gas supply.

Other than that, you should also check the water supply to the tank . Even if the unit is working correctly, you won’t get any hot water if there is no water supply to the unit.

So, make sure that the water supply line is connected to the unit. You should also double-check the water valve to see whether or not it is damaged.

3. Check Your Outdoor Shower

Check Your Outdoor Shower

There is a shutoff valve on the shower handle that starts or stops the water flow. There are other valves too that are on the faucet. Someone might have left the valves on the faucet with the shutoff closed, causing the hot water to mix with the cold.

Even if the Truma water heater is working, the RV won’t be getting any hot water because the latter is getting mixed at the outdoor faucet. To deal with this trouble, take a short walk outside and make sure that both the hot and cold knobs on the outdoor faucet are turned off.

4. Check The Propane Levels

Check The Propane Levels

Whenever the problem of the lack of hot water arises, people usually forget to check on the propane levels. There is no hot water when the propane level is low. Sometimes users are looking for other causes while the propane tank lies empty.

In case there is no gauge in your propane tank, you can check for the levels of propane by lighting your stovetop burner and letting it run for a few minutes. Notice the size of the flame. If it is as large as it is typically, there is enough propane in the tank. Make sure you don’t leave the burner running for too long.

There is another possibility if you are done with your observation on propane levels, and still, the Truma water heater won’t fire up. An OPD (Overfill Protection Device) is installed in the heater that detects the sudden high flow release of propane. In such a scenario, the flow is shut off even if the tank’s valve is open. There is no release of propane.

It might sound complicated, but it is very simple to fix it. Turn off the valve on the propane tank and all propane-powered appliances. After some time, open the valve again. That’s it.

5. Asses The Heating Element in Electric Truma Water Heater

The heating element is a notable component of an electric water heater that has a significant role to perform in heating the water. After some time, corrosion gets into the heating element, and it goes bad.

Most people make the mistake of turning on their water heater when there is no water in it. In that case, the chances are very high for the heating element to melt down.

You should access it from outside the RV and get it replaced as soon as possible. Keep a hold on special tools like a heating element wrench to help you with the installation of the new element. You can get them in hardware stores at low prices if you don’t have any.

6. Check The Thermostat

Check The Thermostat

An issue with the thermostat can affect water heating as the water temperature is kept under control by the thermostat of the Truma water heater. People may not see this as the cause because a thermostat appears fine on the outside, even if it’s faulty on the inside.

You can check the functionality of your thermostat with the help of a multimeter. If there is no progress in the test, you will have to replace it with a new one. An important thing to remember is that turn off the power before the procedure. Then, get rid of the wiring clips and pull out the old thermostat switch. This is the time you place a new thermostat and reattach everything.

7. Get Rid of Strange Smell in Hot Water

Get Rid of Strange Smell in Hot Water

It’s very common to notice a strange smell as soon as you turn on your hot water. It can be resulting from the buildup of bacteria in the water tank. In order to let go of the smell, raise the temperature to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and the heat will kill the bacteria.

Ensure that this service is run without using your hot water because there is a high chance of skin exposure and injury. Raise the temperature and keep it that way for an hour or so. Turn it down and don’t run any hot water for several hours.

If you still face the smell problem, you might have to get your tank cleaned with a chlorine bleach solution. It removes all the possible causes of smell in the water tank.

8. Fix the Gas Connection for Fast Reheating

Sometimes you might experience that the water heater is taking ages to reheat. It can be resulting from a number of factors, including a low set thermostat and poor gas connection. The energy from the burner might not be large enough to heat the water quickly.

There is a hindrance in the proper gas flow if the vent flue, burner orifice are dirty. Your problem can be resolved by getting these parts cleaned.

9. Clean The Electrodes

Clean The Electrodes

If you don’t observe any sparks on the electrodes, the dirt is likely clogging the sparks. Do a thorough cleaning of electrodes. Look for the gaps in the electrodes and reposition them if there’s a need.

There are also chances of a loose wire connection on the circuit board. Secure the connection to resolve the problem. If the circuit board is defective itself, get it replaced.

If you’re having any other issues with your Truma water heater, call the company number, and they will connect you with a technician. After that, you can give details regarding the issue to this technician, and hopefully, he can help you with fixing the issue.

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  1. I have a Truma boiler model B14.
    When I turn the switch on it stays in the red, and dose not heat up the boiler. Over the last year or so it has taken longer to get gas to the jet.
    I have tried turning gas on/off and turning gas on on the cooker to no avail. Ihave pulled the system out of the RV but really can’t see any problem.
    Are there any repair people in the Launceston area.
    thank you.
    regards Brian

  2. My Truma hot water heater B14 model trips out when I turn on the 240 volt supply. I have checked element and it has continuity.

  3. when i turn on my water heater i get a green light but no click an red light shows up tried to clean valve but no joy

  4. My TrumaAquaGo drips from inlet filter area; perhaps the o-rings have dried up during the long covid storage period. I found a pack at Ace so I’ll try to replace ’em. It is an orderable part in the user manual, tho’


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