3 Ways To Fix Truma Water Heater Problems

truma water heater problems
truma water heater problems

Most of the Truma water heater models work on gas as well as the power from your motorhome. So, even if your gas supply runs out you can still use hot water in your RV.

On the gas mode, you will need to open up the breather outlet outside your motorhome. If this breather outlet is not open then you won’t get any air in your unit and the heater won’t ignite.

So, make sure to remove the plastic cover from the breather outlet outside your motorhome before turning on the gas mode. Overall, the Truma water heaters are great but, in this article, we will go over some common issues that you can expect from these devices.

How to Fix Truma Water Heater Problems?

  1. Relief Valve Issues

It is one of the most important components installed in your water heater. However, a lot of customers complain about this relief valve leaking. If you’re stuck in a similar issue then try checking the water pressure and the relief valve for possible damages. Sometimes, the high water temperature can also create similar problems for your relief valve.

Start by checking the pressure regulator installed in the main water line. You need to bring down the water pressure to avoid this issue in the future. However, if your valve is defective and damaged then the issue won’t get resolved until you replace the relief valve with a new one.

A little bit of water dripping from the first few seconds of the cycle is very common, but if you’re getting continuous water flow from this valve then you should also reduce the temperature inside your heating unit.

That way you can maintain steady water pressure in the unit and no water will leak into the relief valve. If you don’t know how to fix this issue yourself then ask Truma Support.

  1. Cold Water from Faucet

Some people have also mentioned that they won’t get any hot water from the taps installed in their motorhome. Even if the water heater is running, you will still get the same supply of cold water in your kitchen and other parts of the motorhome. Most of the time, you can fix this problem by running the water for a few minutes to remove the cold water from the taps.

However, if you’re not getting any hot water after waiting for over 15 minutes then you need to check the gas supply and tank. After making sure that the unit is turned on, you need to check the status of gas inside the tank.

If the gas tank is not filled then you should try replacing the tank connected to the gas supply.

Other than that, you should also check the water supply to the tank. Even if the unit is working properly, you won’t get any hot water if there is no water supply to the unit.

So, make sure that the water supply line is connected to the unit. Along with that, you should double-check the water valve to see whether or not it is damaged.

  1. Low Water Temperature

Some Truma water heater users have also said that the temperature of hot water coming from the faucet is not as hot as it should be.

Now, there are a lot of reasons why your water heater is not heating the water properly. But the most common reason is that the volume of water running from the faucet is too large.

Try turning the hot water faucet the other way and then check the water temperature again. After the flow of water from the faucet is regulated, it will improve the water temperature and you will get hotter water from the faucet installed in your RV.

Along with the water flow, you should also check the gas assembly to make sure that the proper amount of gas is being supplied to the system.

If the unit is not getting enough gas, then it won’t heat the water properly. So, make sure to check the gas assembly to fix the issue with the water temperature.

If you’re having any other issues with your Truma water heater then call the company number and they will connect you with a technician. After that you can give details regarding the issue to this technician and hopefully, he can help you with fixing the issue.

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  1. I have a Truma boiler model B14.
    When I turn the switch on it stays in the red, and dose not heat up the boiler. Over the last year or so it has taken longer to get gas to the jet.
    I have tried turning gas on/off and turning gas on on the cooker to no avail. Ihave pulled the system out of the RV but really can’t see any problem.
    Are there any repair people in the Launceston area.
    thank you.
    regards Brian


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