RV Toilet Valve Won’t Open: 3 Ways To Fix

rv toilet valve won't open
rv toilet valve won’t open

Recreational Vehicles are one of the best investments for camping enthusiasts. This is because these vehicles provide you with numerous features.

These include having a kitchen to cook for yourself in. Taking baths even when you are out on your trip and getting to sleep comfortably indoors.

You can also take your friends or family along yourself and won’t even have to worry about the storage is limited. Though, it can get quite annoying if you run into an issue while you were on your trip.

One common problem that people report is that their RV toilet valve won’t open. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a few troubleshooting steps that should help you out.

RV Toilet Valve Won’t Open

  1. Valve Might Be Stuck

When trying to flush down the toilet on your RV. The user might sometimes notice that the valve in their equipment gets stuck.

Before trying to get into any fixes, you must identify what might be causing this problem. If you have not been using the toilet for some time then the valves might have gotten stuck.

This is quite common and should start working again after you push down the pedal a few times. One way to prevent this problem from happening again is that you pour in some anti-freeze in your water tanks.

This should be when the user wants to leave their vehicle sitting for a long time. This will prevent the valves and pipes from getting stuck.

  1. Valve Completely Seized

If the problem is not fixed after a few flushes then the mechanism might have gotten completely seized. This is also quite common which is why you must keep the toilets in your vehicle maintained at all times.

This will ensure that the user does not run into similar problems in the future. You can easily purchase a tank cleaner from a shop nearby you.

Which can then be emptied into the bowl of your toilet. Now follow all the instructions provided to you on the back of your bottle.

This should help you in completely cleaning off the equipment as well as helping the valves to start functioning again. If you are still having trouble then you can even check for guides online to help you out.

  1. Broken Mechanism

Finally, if none of the steps work for you then this indicates that your valves might have broken completely.

If the internal mechanism of your toilet gets damaged then the only way to fix this is by taking apart the entire equipment. You will have to remove your toilet and then flip it to access the pipes and valves.

You can then look for the mechanism that has broken down and replace it with a new one. Make sure that you check all the pipes before installing back your toilet. This should help you in preventing any further issues on the device.

People who are unfamiliar with how these parts work can contact a specialist instead. This is much better than trying to fix the valves on your own.

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