3 Common Thor Ace RV Problems (Troubleshooting)

thor ace rv problems
thor ace rv problems

Customers like to go for Thor Ace RV because of its reliability and comfort. There aren’t many other brands that can be compared with Thor. Their focus is to provide customers with the perfect weekend with family. That is why you’ll see so many customers buying RVs from Thor. The reliability is just unmatched, plus you get a lot of features that provide you additional convenience.

However, there are still some cases where customers have run into some minor issues with Thor Ace Rv. So, even though the chances are slim, you can still face issues with this vehicle. That is the reason why we will be going over a few common Thor Ace RV issues and how to solve them.

Thor Ace RV Problems

  1. Seals Leaking

The most frustrating issue with the Thor Ace RV is that the seal leaks and water gets inside the vehicle. All the customers are quite annoyed with this issue and have reported it to Thor industries. But the issue remains, so if you’re buying one of the older models then there is some probability that you’ll be running into similar issues with your Thor Ace.

The windows, windshield, and roof might just leak whenever you’re out on a trip and it starts to rain. But the fix for this issue is quite simple, you’ll just have to replace the seal around the glass or put it back into place. You can use a blower to heat the seals and spread the rubber accordingly to cover all the corners of your window. That way no water will get in while you’re driving.

It would be better if you can get an expert to do it for you. That way the work will get done more efficiently and you won’t have to worry about water leaking inside your motorhome. The seal is quite cheap and you won’t have to spend much to get them replaced. So, make sure to keep that option in your mind.

  1. Refrigerator Issues

Another issue that you’ll find customers complaining about quite often is that the refrigerator on the Thor vehicle won’t work. It is likely that your food will go bad if you’re on a long trip and will have to buy the food items again. Some users said that the issue only arises when the AC was turned on while others mentioned that the refrigerator won’t work altogether.

This issue is closely related to wiring problems, that is why your refrigerator won’t draw enough power to keep your food cold. Fixing it yourself might not be the best option in this situation. What you should do is take your vehicle to the local repair shop. Explain the issue to a mechanic and have him take a look at your wiring system.

After a thorough examination, he will tell you about the exact reason why your RV fridge is not drawing enough power. So, by getting the power supply fixed you’ll get the fridge to cool your food whenever you’re out on the trip. Even if you’ve bought the vehicle recently, it is still common for users to run into issues with some appliances not working like they’re supposed to.

  1. Air Conditioner Not Working

The temperature control inside the vehicle can also malfunction sometimes, even if you turn the AC on max, it won’t have any effect on the temperature inside your motorhome. The increasing heat can be frustrating and you won’t be able to enjoy the trip anymore.

There are several things that you will need to check if you want the air conditioner to start working. First off, start by cleaning your AC if you have not done so in a long time. Sometimes, dirt can stop the flow of cool air coming from the AC.

If the AC is not working turning on then you’ll need to check the wiring to ensure that the AC can draw the power from the system. If you’re not able to get the AC fixed then you’ll need to take the vehicle to a repair shop. An expert will take a look at your wiring and then point out the actual cause why your AC is not working like it is supposed to.

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