3 Common Suburban Water Heater SW10DE Problems (Troubleshooting)

suburban water heater sw10de troubleshooting
suburban water heater sw10de troubleshooting

Camping enthusiasts usually own recreational vehicles because of how easy it is to store their equipment on them. Aside from this, you even have access to a kitchen and bedroom in your vehicle.

Though, when going out to an area where the climate will be extremely cold. Your quilts and equipment will not be enough to keep you warm. Additionally, the water in your vehicle will also be extremely cold which can make it annoying for people to use this.

This is why many vehicles are already equipped with water heaters. These will warm up the water pushing it to a comfortable temperature so that you can use it. You can even get these installed in your vehicle if it does not already come with one.

Suburban is one of the most famous companies when it comes to these devices. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with some troubleshooting steps for Suburban Water Heater SW10DE. Going through these should help you in fixing any problems with the device.

Suburban Water Heater SW10DE Troubleshooting

  1. Water Not Heating

The most common problem that many users run into with their Suburban Water Heaters is the device not warming up water. This can be extremely annoying to deal with while you are out in a cold area.

However, you should note that the problem might simply be because you have not set up your dial properly. Considering this, the panel on your water heater should have a thermostat that you can set up.

This allows you to change the temperature at which the water will be heater up. If the user had selected a temperature that was lower than the current temperature for the water in your pipes is.

Then the heater will stop heating the water further. This is why simply adjusting the settings and increasing the temperature should allow you to start getting warm water.

However, in some cases, the problem can also be from the dial being damaged. Before you get into this, it is better that you check your sensors. If any of these have gotten damaged then you will have to replace them with new ones.

Although, many people have also reported that just cleaning up the sensors fixed the problem for them. Just make sure that you do not apply too much force when cleaning off dust from the sensors as these are quite sensitive.

  1. Water Gets Cold In Between

Sometimes the user might notice that their water heater starts to push out cold water for a few seconds after which warm water starts coming out again.

If you are getting this problem then you should consider some things. Most water heaters have a limit on how much water they can heat.

Considering this, if you increase the pressure of water more than what the heater can handle. Then the device will start to warm up some of the water while the rest of it will remain cold. There are two ways that you can try to prevent this problem.

This includes either reducing the pressure of water you are using on your tap. Alternatively, you can turn off all the other taps in your vehicle to reduce the load from your water heater.

However, in the end, there is no straight fix for this and your only option will be to upgrade your water heater.

  1. Configuration Errors

In some cases, the problem that you might run into can be from an error in configurations instead of the device. These include the device not working or the thermostat not inputting your commands.

There are two main ways that you can use to fix this issue. These include either switching off your heater by removing its main power line.

You can then wait for a few minutes and start the device back again. On the other hand, your second option is to rest the water heater instead. This will completely wipe off its settings along with any errors that were on its configurations.

Considering this, you will have to press two reset buttons on the back of your heater while it is powered on. Hold these for a few seconds then wait for your heater to switch on again.

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